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Race Is A Biological Reality: Your Opinion Is A Social Construct

The main reason people are afraid to admit there are differences among the races -or even admit that race is a biological reality and not a social construct- is because it conjures up sentiments of ‘superiority’ and reminds people of Hitler’s Germany. They think, “Well, if there are racial differences, then that means that some […]

The Confederate Conundrum: What Really Caused The Civil War?

Our country is being divided.  Confederate monuments are being taken down left and right, while the right and left fight each other over what, in their mind, is morally correct. On one side we have people who see the Confederacy as a symbol of hatred and racism; and on the other we have people who […]

The Total Solar Eclipse Is Coming Soon To America

A total solar eclipse occurs when the New Moon (the absence of the moon) comes between the Sun and Earth and casts the darkest part of its shadow, the umbra, on Earth. A full solar eclipse, known as totality, is almost as dark as night.  On August 21st 2017, the United States will witness this […]

Inspirational memes

“Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of castes; out of the confusion of castes proceeds the loss of memory, out of the loss of memory proceeds the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil.”. -Bhagavad-Gita, 1:41-42; based on Eugène Burnouf’s nineteenth century French translation—Ed. “The more thou searchest, the more […]

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