Embracing Hate-speech

Social media is getting out of control.  I can even joke around anymore without being flagged down, and put on a 30-day ban.  For many of my friends on fakebook, this isn’t anything new.  They’ve been ‘zucced’ too.

The recent Milo controversy stirred up the pot quite a bit.  This self proclaimed faggot makes jokes about pedophilia and getting molested by priests.  When it comes to pieces of absolute garbage like Milo, and even Bill Maher, I say let the hate-speech commence.  Let them have it.

“If it weren’t for father Michael I would have given far less good head”  -Milo Yiannopoulos

By the way, this isn’t the first time that homosexuals have advocated for “pedophilia rights”.

“Sex Before 8 Or It’s Too Late” -NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy “Love” Association) nambla.org

If someone raped your son or daughter, would you not feel hate?  Is hate not natural in certain instances?

Since social media is blocking our free speech, I’ve made acronyms so I can insult these pedophile defending idiots without getting banned.

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce my….


Hate-Speech Acronyms

YSAFIYou’re Such A Fucking Idiot.

HDNWHitler Did Nothing Wrong (This one is sure to ignite a fire[or oven] of curiosity )

YAFLYou’re A Fucking Loser (You should probably just kill yourself), or ask why my opinion of YOU should ever influence your direction or purpose in life.  Maybe you should just grow up and stop being a FF, which leads me to my next point.

YFFYou are or have been a Fucking Faggot.  You’ve probably disobeyed one of the Ten Commandments of Moses, and have been an asshole in the past.  Deal with it.  Repent and change your ways.  There is still time.

GFYS – While this one may be well known, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point it out.  Go Fuck YourSelf.

YALFBYou’re A Little Fucking Bitch (It’s true!)

YAADJ –  You Are A Dirty Jew (sometimes just referred to as ‘merchant‘)

TAMASBOTransgenders Are Mutants And Should Be Outcasted (just like in the movie X-men, just pretend the mutants are a bunch of faggots).

IYAOIBYAFFIf You Are Offended It’s Because You’re A Fucking Faggot

YAPSF – You’re A Pedophile Sympathizing Faggot

WYASFGWow You Are So Fucking Gay


In conclusion:

You might ask: Why is Joe Dubs promoting hate speech now?  Did he lose his shit?

No, actually I’m just fine, but our first amendment is not.  We are losing our freedom of speech.  It’s getting worse and worse by the day. And they are using this made up term called ‘hate-speech’ to enforce their agenda.  There is no such thing as hate-speech.  The reason being, someone has to assign what is ‘hateful’ and what is not.  This fine line will be used to silence free speech, declaring any aberration of the politically correct narrative as ‘hate-speech’, and as a result they simply remove it or they ban you.

Between 1958 and 62′, in China, if you called Mao an unfair ruler, that was considered ‘hate-speech’.  Guess how his communist regime would handle it?

Mao Zedong, founder of the People’s Republic of China, qualifies as the greatest mass murderer in world history…. parents were forced to bury their children alive or were doused in excrement and urine, others were set alight, or had a nose or ear cut off. One record shows how a man was branded with hot metal. People were forced to work naked in the middle of winter; 80 per cent of all the villagers in one region of a quarter of a million Chinese were banned from the official canteen because they were too old or ill to be effective workers, so were deliberately starved to death.  http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/news/maos-great-leap-forward-killed-45-million-in-four-years-2081630.html

Liberal institutions are creating what’s called “safe spaces”, where students can go and hide from contrasting opinions.  This is not healthy. When we close ourselves off to opposing viewpoints, we limit our potential for growth.

In preparing for the r/K article a few months ago, I found that an effective way to wake people up from their indoctrination, is to simply offend them, and thereby strengthen their anterior cingulate cortex in their brain, which is the section that is responsible for getting ‘triggered‘.

Moving forward, expect me to use these acronyms on fakebook to offend some of you.  Since I can no longer just outright give you my honest opinion -since I keep getting banned- I’ll be forwarding you this page hoping that you might get triggered, and maybe even grow up a little bit.

So take your teaspoon of cement, and harden the fuck up…… faggot.

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‘Liberal’ … they destroyed the sensible use of that word. Everything with leftists is a blasphemy against language and words … like ANTIFA (Anti-Fascists, apparently, running around in masks bashing people they don’t want to extend the First Amendment to; kinda the very definition of Brownshirt activity).

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