Pentagrams of Pederasty: The Elephant In The Room

A few months ago something called Pizzagate happened.  If you’re not already familiar, watch this short video by news anchor Ben Swann. This article is going to be Part Two.  If you haven’t already, check out Part One, The Ping Pong Pizza Pentagram. The Pizzagate Wiki Last week I found these two pictures on 4chan. Subscribe […]

Embracing Hate-speech

Social media is getting out of control.  I can even joke around anymore without being flagged down, and put on a 30-day ban.  For many of my friends on fakebook, this isn’t anything new.  They’ve been ‘zucced’ too. The recent Milo controversy stirred up the pot quite a bit.  This self proclaimed faggot makes jokes about pedophilia and […]

Fibonacci Fun


Here are some illustrations by myself and others, dealing with the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Number, Phi. A few months ago, I noticed the exponents of Phi encode the Fibonacci sequence.  Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join […]

The Eye of wRAth & Pharisaic Mysteries of Sixty-three Serpents

The Eye of Ra is a legend that goes back millennia.  Otherwise known as the Eye of Horus (or Thoth) these myths all describe a similar story that took place in ancient Egypt, or the black land Kemet, named for its rich black fertile soil.  The story is one of God’s wrath upon the wicked, and as […]

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