CBD Hemp Oil (Full Spectrum-Whole Plant Cannabis Extract)

Joedubs.com is now offering a full spectrum-whole plant CBD hemp oil. This extract has all the cannabinoids in the plant, not just CBD like a lot of the competitors out there. I have worked at this hemp pharm in Boulder Colorado and can attest to its quality. It’s free of chemicals and grown organically. They even use fresh snow melt to water their crops.

Studied Benefits Of CBD For Your Health – A Boulder Pharm

I use the oil myself for arthritic pain, although there is evidence it is beneficial for nearly every medical condition.  In a previous article I’ve examined the medical literature and linked to peer reviewed studies to show its efficacy.

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There are a few different options and flavors. Firstly there are 3 different strengths: 15 milligrams of hemp extract in each milliliter, 30 mg/ml, and 60 mg/ml.  What you choose may depend on your ailment or level of pain you are experiencing.  I use the 30 mg/ml bottle regularly and it does the job for my moderate aches and pains. It’s also just a great supplement to take for overall health.

Balance: 15 mg/ml
Balance Plus: 30 mg/ml
Balance Advanced: 60 mg/ml

Secondly, you can choose unflavored or chocolate mint.  I’ve tasted both and actually don’t mind the unflavored, but some people prefer the chocolate mint to mask the hemp flavor.

Thirdly, there are two different sizes, a 1 oz bottle, and a 2 oz bottle.



The unflavored has two ingredients: hemp extract, and MCT fractionated coconut oil.

The chocolate mint variant has extra organic ingredients: organic flavor (organic sunflower seed oil, natural and organic flavors.)

View all Hemp Supplement Facts for the other bottles.  (They are the same except for the size and strength)

General recommended dosage is 2 droppers full of extract daily

To ensure the best product quality and consistency, A Boulder Pharm grows their own proprietary hemp genetics that deliver the best blend of cannabinoids and naturally occurring antioxidants and neuroprotectants. They control the entire product cycle from plant propagation to final product on their Boulder farm. Each batch of whole hemp extract is independently lab tested to ensure highest quality standards.

They use high CBD female genetics and harvest in small batches for higher quality.  Their most potent 1 oz. bottle has nearly 1 full ounce of hemp flower in one tiny bottle.  This stuff is legit and it works!



Balance – 15 mg/ml
$40.50(1 oz) – $76.50(2 oz)
To maintain a whole body balance – for individuals who want to reduce minor mental and physical stress and support a healthy, active lifestyle. Enjoy our hemp oil daily.


Balance Plus – 30 mg/ml
$76.50(1 oz) – $139.50(2 oz)
To enhance a whole body balance – for individuals with a higher level of physical and mental stress in their daily routines. Enjoy our hemp oil daily.



Balance Advanced – 60 mg/ml
$139.50(1 oz) – $265.50(2 oz)
To regain a whole body balance – for individuals who want relief from serious physical and mental impairment to better control their daily routine. Enjoy our hemp oil daily.



One Sale Now!

As shown above, there are 4 price points. Please include in your order the bottle(s) you would like to purchase.

Example: (balanced plus,chocolate mint,2 oz.)  or  (two 60mg, unflavored, 1 oz bottles) etc.

****Pay by credit card or paypal here (in the notes directly under the payment, write which bottle(s) you would like.

Contact me with any questions or concerns. ([email protected])

P.S. If you or a loved one is suffering from a debilitating medical condition, before you add anything to your diet or protocol, first see what you can subtract to alleviate the symptoms. Read this article on how to heal yourself.

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