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The Earth-Moon relationship as well as the Great Pyramid of Giza both encode the secret to the mystery of ‘squaring the circle’. That is, drawing a square with the same perimeter as the circumference of the circle (could also be area but that is another creation). Both of these correlations are well over 99.9% accurate

The Moon is the perfect size to solve the riddle. It’s huge in fact, larger than any other in proportion to its planet. Some say we have a double planet system. The Moon is 27.3% the size of Earth. It also happens to take 27.3 days to complete an orbit around Earth. Need I point out the fact that the Moon influences our emotions. Women’s menstruation cycles last one lunar period on average.

The Great Pyramid’s height is 27.3% taller than half its length, which of course solves the ancient quandary as well. In addition, the top view of the Great Pyramid that you see is being blocked by Earth. You can only see 27.3% of it.

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