Is Google Evil?

Everyone knows Google’s motto: “Don’t be evil”. But do they take this seriously or just pay lip service to this sound advice? Is Google really evil? You decide. Gmail Google’s email is called Gmail… how original of you, Google.  Half of you reading this right now probably have an account; it’s intuitive and free, why not? I do, but I am deleting it.  I recommend Proton mail, which is also free, but they aren’t evil, I don’t think. Gmail’s logo is undoubtably the Freemasonic apron. Why would they choose this as their email logo? Sure, the icon looks like a letter that we’d receive in the mail but there might be more to it than that… The “G” that is used between the compass and square in Freemasonry has long been questioned of its significance and meaning.  What does the G stand for? Some…

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Ancient Megalithic Structures of Druidry & Hebrew Israelites

megaliths of Europe

by Sven Longshanks: Who were the Megalith builders in Britain, and what purpose did their stone structures serve? Although the common belief is that they were Pagans, there is a wealth of evidence to show that they were the Hebrews and the Sethites of the Bible, and that Druidry was descended from Patriarchal practices. Above: Clach an Trushel Menhir, Scotland. There are five main types of these stone structures that are found all over Britain:   Menhirs – Single upright stones       Cairns – Piles of rocks, usually in a cone shape         Dolmens – A stone slab on three or more uprights         Cromlechs – A circle of stones sometimes enclosing dolmens or barrows (tombs)       Tumuli – Mounds of earth and stones covering a burial chamber         These types of…

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The Cosmic Creations Collection

From sacred geometry to synchronistic mathematics, the universe is shown to be an intelligent design, far from cosmic coincidence. This omnipresent matrix is bound to a sacred canon of number and geometry, an ancient and esoteric system of divine proportion. Unbeknownst to most -and canonized as sacred by the select few- this knowledge is being rediscovered once again. Cosmic Creations coalesce consciousness through the exploration of the Quadrivium. By transforming esoteric concepts into exoteric knowledge, we’ll understand the nature of reality while purging materialism from the collective unconscious, destroying the new world order & returning harmony to Earth. It’ll also help me pay my bills.   The CCC includes over 420 original illustrations (loaded on a highspeed sd-card), as well as over 35,000 other images/photos/illustrations neatly organized into folders of varying degrees based upon pyramidology, numeronomy, sacred geometry, physics, free energy, cosmology, etc.. USD $66…

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