The world around us reveals a sacred canon of number and geometry that’s inherent in all living things. This numerical framework for life displays itself everywhere in plain sight but only to those who have the eyes to see.

Dodecahedron Flower of Life

Ancient geometers and philosophers learned from the principles of nature, applying their wisdom in the surrounding architecture, monuments, and effigies.

The makeup of the universe is reflected in the makeup of man. The ancients knew this well. As Protagoras said over twenty four centuries ago, Man is the Measure of All Things. Later Plato taught the importance of Number in and of itself. “All is Number”.

Certain mathemagical synchronicities arise when we analyze the deeper constructs of the universe and our place in it. For example the sun and moon being the same size in the sky is overlooked as mere coincidence by the reductionistic and close minded scientific community.

yin yang sun moon

Contemporary theories are taken as sacrosanct facts.  Big Bangs, Darwinian evolution, and black wholes are proselytized in the holy temples of scientism.  What once was dubious speculation later hardens as ‘truth’  in the slow baking process of history.

Ideas of where we come from and how the world came to be, these core ontologies that so drastically influence society and the psyche, are taught not as possibilities, but as unquestionable truths.   Science today, in their infinite wisdom, explain away our existence and free will as catch-22’s and illusion.

The mathematical curiosities might be a reflection of some sort of universal and omniscient architect, always using phi ratios and the most efficient geometries to create life as we know it, or this is all just random coincidence, our place in this world merely the result of time, luck, and some serendipitous primordial soup that sprang into everything, out of nothing, for no particular reason.

What do you think?