Fibonacci Patterns

Phi” and the Fibonacci Sequence, which is the seed that creates it, is ubiquitous in Nature. It’s found in modern design and ancient architecture. The Earth and Moon relationship as well as the Great Pyramid of Giza encode Phi. The spiral of the Milky Way down to the very essence of our DNA is a language written in this mathe-magical ratio, an intelligent construct and compass of our holofractographic reality.

(Phi)Bonacci Patterns Patterns in the Fibonacci Sequence

Patterns in the Fibonacci Sequence

It was literally called the ‘Divine Proportion’ by Plato and his buddies. Lets just say that the golden mean, ø, the golden ratio, whatever you wanna call it, is the mathematical basis for intelligence, the root of all creation.

Hidden in the Fibonacci Sequence, a few patterns emerge. Unbeknownst to most, and most likely canonized as sacred by the select few who were endowed with such esoteric gnosis, the sequence reveals a pattern of 24 and 60. It is by no mere coincidence that our measurement of time is based on these same auspicious numbers. Twenty-four hours in a day that consist of sixty minutes each, which are made up of sixty seconds. Babylonians are said to use base 60 mathematics and the Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet is made up of twenty-four uniliteral symbols.

The pattern of 60 arises when we look at the last digit in each number of the sequence, 0,1,1,2,5,8,3, etc.  These 60 numbers are repeated over and over again to infinity.  The pattern of 24 is shown in the digital roots of each number in the sequence.  For example, the digital root of 13 is 4, because 1+3 = 4.  This pattern never breaks down either. It continues on to infinity, never missing a beat.

From the 300th number of the sequence to the 360th number, you’ll see a new pattern emerge. What was once one digit of synchronicity, has become two. If you look deeper into the arcane mystery, further along Leonardo Pisano’s famous sequence, a trinity of similarity emerges(at the 1500th#) and then falls apart like it has before.

This self-similar pattern continues..

Fibonacci Sequence 1-2000

Mathematics is the language that God wrote the universe in – Galileo Galilei

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  1. spacecreatorband

    also notice how
    the orange and red 0 & 5 configuration from the inner wheel
    corresponds with
    the ‘circle of fifths’ , in general
    but more specifically,
    to skip FROM orange THROUGH both reds TO THE NEXT orange
    EITHER clockwise OR counter-clockwise
    MOVING BETWEEN the {ionian:aeolian} RELATIVE {MAJOR:MINOR}
    like from C to Am . . . . A to F#m . .. Eb to Cm . . . . .
    whoever devised equal temperaments 12√2 already knew phibonacci it seems
    great image btw :)

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