Here I focus primarily on geometry, the underlying numeric archetypes of reality, and natural philosophy.

Most of these illustrations, articles, and concepts, are a left and right-brain consolidation of number, geometry, philosophy, and esotericism.

Using our five senses, as well as our common sense -and maybe even a touch of the sixth- we can dissect the quadrivium, and comprehend arcane pythagoreanism.

Join me, as we dive down the rabbit hole, falling as deep as it may lie,  and explore the epistemologically ambiguous nature of reality, and basically just get a better grip on life overall.

deer and squirrel

I made some new friends in the foothills.

Valmont Bike Park

Valmont Bike Park

Truth shall spring out of the earth;

moon art

The Lunar Mystery

In this last picture, the following are encoded into the geometry somehow, or maybe I’m just bullshitting you..

  • Number of full moons in a year (12.369)
  • Moon’s sidereal period (27.32 days)
  • The International Fixed Calendar
  • The Metonic Cycle
  • √3
  • 153
  • 4/π
  • √ø (the square root of phi)



  1. Hey Joe.

    What do I think? Hmm … perhaps I should hit a few ‘buttons’ . . . before hitting a few buttons. Absent that, I’ll give your puzzle some thought and get back to you.

    Quid pro quo; the ‘core value’ of the game of ’21’ is an extra-dimensional ‘solution’ that expresses (at once) the interconnected disciplines of Balance, sacred geometry, numerology, the non-random nature of numbers et al, as well as the origin of the 7. It’s a peach! Hint; in this particular recreational interface with the ‘deck of 52’ the designated values of the Jack, Queen, King flat line at 10, 10, 10, rather than continuing to ascend 11, 12, 13. Pourquoi? What does the royal family have to hide?

    As such, a penny for your thoughts.


    • Very interesting.. Let me ponder that for a minute..
      I know that if you add them up with the alternative values you mentioned it equals 364. The two jokers are added to complete the solar year.

  2. Hi Joe, I love your site. I would like to ask you for permission to use some of the material you mention in a book I am writing about the notion that we might live in a computer simulation. What I intend to use, you can find here: http://technovedanta.blogspot.nl/2016/04/technovedanta-technological-meta.html. Of course I will refer to you as the source of this material. I do not intend to use images. Kind regards, Antonin Tuynman

  3. Greetings,
    Biblical Numerology: Correlations & Parallels
    Subject Matter: The Messiah & 888

    In The Greek Ciphered Numerical System, Jesus Equals 888
    Psalm 118.22 x Acts 4.11 = 485.8842 (Sequester The 888)
    45 + (4 + 2 ) = Psalm 45:6 (Luke 24:44 Hebrews 1:8)

    Isaiah 11.1 divided by Revelation 12.5 = 0.888

    Psalm 110.1 divided by Revelation 12.5 = 8.808 (888)

    888 x Revelation 5.5 = 4884
    88 + ( 4 + 4 ) = 888

    888 – Psalm 2.7 = 885.3
    88 + ( 5 + 3 ) = 888

    The Lion of The Tribe of Judah:
    Genesis 49.10 + Revelation 5.5 = 54.6 (Filter Visually)
    Psalm 45:6 (Luke 24:44 Hebrews 1:8)

    Eschatology in Jewish Gematria Equals 734
    734 – Luke 24.44 = 709.56 (Filter Visually)
    9 x 5 = 45
    Psalm 45:6,7 (Hebrews 1:8,9 Luke 24:44)

  4. Joe, this site is the site I’ve been looking for without knowing I’ve been searching for it! What a marvel. I am happily married but should anything change, I will be coming after you. Respect!

  5. The information on this website boggles and expands my mind – I’ve always loved sacred geometry and philosophy. I would like to buy some of the posters at your shop, but they are always out of stock – will they ever be available again? Thanks for creating and maintaining this website Joe – your knowledge about our world truly amazes me!

  6. Sarva Jagannadha Reddy

    The real pi number is algebraic . No more squaring a circle is an unsolved geometrical problem . pi is not as big as we think . no more we need super computer. the number is (14-root2)/4= 3.1464466..
    to contact the discoverer : rsjreddy134194@gmail.com

  7. Sarva Jagannadha Reddy

    congratulations for your zeal in telling the world a new mathematical truth

  8. sarva jagannadha reddy

    Professors of the world
    Till now we have been accepting Exhaustion method of Archimedes as perfect and error – free in computing pi is less than 22/7. Hence pi is 3.14159265358.. But it is proved his method is wrong and hence giving lesser pi value
    R.D.Sarva Jagannadha Reddy
    email to: rsjreddy134194@gmail.com

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Mathematician Vitthal Jadhav
    Date: Sun, Aug 6, 2017 at 9:31 PM
    Subject: Re: 117 Method on Cosmic Pi
    To: Sarva Jagannadha Reddy
    Cc: bikasbikashchakraborty.math@yahoo.com

    Mistakes in the #Archimedes #pi value computed by using Method of exhaustion.
    (Issues with Traditional Pi (#π) )
    Assume circle, now draw the square inscribed in given circle,
    the perimeter of square is clearly less than circumference,
    Now if we increase side, draw regular hexagon with the given circle then difference between perimeter of hexagon & circumference will be reduced. Archimedes by using basic instrument like compass bisected each side of hexagon & obtained 12 point equally spaced on curved path of circle, join them & constructed regular dodecagon, in this way he continued this process. He calculated perimeter of regular polygon with 96 side & came to conclusion that the value of pi lies between
    3 + 10/71 < π < 3 + 10/70,
    i.e. 3.140845 < π infinity)
    then delta tends to 0,

    Now perimeter = n * (side of polygon i.e. AB)
    Circumference = n * (Arc AB)
    Error = n * ((Arc AB ) – (Side AB))
    = n * delta
    we clearly see, as n -> infinity , delta -> zero
    but error doesn’t tend to zero as
    it is “n * delta” becomes indeterminate

    Archimedes method assumes error become insignificant.

    This gives the reason – why cosmic pi = 3.146 given by Indian Professor R S Reddy (Sarva Jagannadha Reddy – We can call him as “PI Man” ) differ from traditional π = 3.14159 approximately by 0.004

  9. I used to Love you, but now realize I’ve been deceived again. You are a freemason, with no soul. If not, you wouldn’t believe the “science” lies you use for your mind-control magic.

  10. You took down the part about Boulder being close to 100% liberal? That was great. I seem to remember you writing a great little bit about all the yoga devotees being completely deluded by leftism.

    • Yes, they are a bunch of brainwashed communistic feminists. They land is lovely but the people are ugly. They all have died purple hair and you can’t tell if they are male or female.

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