Prime Time

There is structure to the prime numbers. Divine order from apparent chaos. Primes, or numbers that are divisible by only themselves and one, don’t grow like weeds among the other numbers like mathematicians claim.  A very simple pattern emerges when the numbers are laid out in rows of six and twelve.

prime numbers cosmogony ontology dice cube

All prime numbers greater than 3 line up on the green Y axis when grouped in stacks of 6 arranged around a cube.

Dice reveal an esoteric pattern hidden in the prime numbers. Take a die and arrange all natural numbers upon it. Since there are only six sides, seven will naturally get organized on the ‘one’ side. Eight will get stacked upon two, and so forth.  The cube models the most three-dimensional space, more than any other of the platonic solids.

platonic solids

The Platonic Solids


prime numbers

Numbers arranged around the vector equilibrium create a 2-D plane of primes generated by the primes organized in 3-D

The primes are in green. All prime numbers greater than three line up on the green y axis. The red numbers are not prime, but are products of primes. 25 is the product of 5 and 5. And 35 is the product of 5 and 7. etc.

The vector equilibrium is the perfect three dimensional form.  This geometric armature for reality represents ultimate equilibrium.  Twelve points perfectly balanced with equal edges and angles throughout.  Every point is equidistant from the center.  Nature never reveals this much symmetry.  This is the underlying geometry of all things that you never see.

This geometrical blueprint, also called the cuboctahedron, shows order in the ostensibly random distribution of the prime numbers.  The white numbers along the they green axis are not primes.  But they are, invariably, primes multiplied by primes.  77 for instance is 7 x 11.

There is order and intelligence in Nature. Our universe is not random and the result of time and luck. Contrary to materialistic and reductionistic ideologies about the cosmos and our place in it, this knowledge suggests there exists an intelligent architect of our reality that organizes ‘The Numeric Universe’ according to a sacred canon, a divine template of our holographic experience.

See also the work of Anthony Morris and Jain108

“Mathematicians have tried in vain to discover some order in the sequence of Primes and we have reason to believe that it is a mystery into which the mind will never penetrate” -Leonhard Euler, 1707-1783


“No branch of number theory is more saturated with mystery than the study of prime numbers: those exasperating, unruly integers that refuse to be divided evenly by any integers except themselves and 1.” M. Gardner -1964

“…despite their simple definition and role as the building blocks of the natural numbers, the prime numbers grow like weeds among the natural numbers, seeming to obey no other law than that of chance, and nobody can predict where the next one will sprout.” Don Zagier 1975

“…there is no apparent reason why one number is prime and another not. To the contrary, upon looking at these numbers one has the feeling of being in the presence of one of the inexplicable secrets of creation.” – D. Zagier -1977


Prime Number Spiral

According to Pythagoras, one and two were technically not numbers and more of concepts.  Numbers started at three, but perhaps three is still too primordial to be classified with the others.  This holy trinity should be excluded from the classifications of primes.  If we do, we find that all prime numbers, from 5 to infinity, organize themselves in sixes.  Whereas two of those columns provide the home for all primes.

Twin primes, or prime numbers that are two natural numbers away from each other, like 17 and 19, are now understood much more clearly. They are always separated by the ‘six’ column, as all primes align themselves on the ‘one’ and ‘five’ column.


Numbers organized in columns of 6 reveal the hidden pattern to all prime numbers

Five or Phive is the number of life.  Six is the number of structure.


Nature is perfect. We can’t do any better. We can only try to comprehend the ways she operates. Bees use hexagonal geometry because it is the most efficient Nature uses this ‘sixness’ to structure reality.

This innate ‘sixness’ to reality is not only reflected in the organization of numbers themselves, but in the very geometry these numbers create.  Put a nickel or quarter on the table and see how many will fit around it.  Or think about all the directions you can point in 3-dimensional space.  The Platonic solid that represents Earth is the Cube and has six sides.  Maybe this is why Walter Russell used a cubic wave field to model the Cosmic Light Cinema we call Reality.

“The cube and the sphere are the sole working tools of creation“
-Walter Russell

“It will be another million years, at least, before we understand the Primes” – Paul Erdos, 1998

“How can so much of the formal and systematic edifice of mathematics, the science of pattern and rule and order per se, rest on such a patternless, unruly, and disorderly foundation? Or how can numbers regulate so many aspects of our physical world and let us predict some of them when they themselves are so unpredictable and appear to be governed by nothing but chance?”
-H. Peter Aleff -2011



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  1. Hello Joe,
    I’ve enjoyed visiting your WEB-Site. There might however be a mistake in the first illustration in “Prime Time”. If you refere to a dice, the opposite side to the 6 is the 1. The 1 is not opposite to the 5. Thus the prime number sequence 1 , 7 , … sequence it is attached to the wrong side (2 which is opposite to 5). If you attach the sequence to the correct side you will have the 2 prime numer sequences with an angle of 60° between them – like the 60° in the second illustration. If you use a different numbering pattern for the 6 sides of the cube (as in the prime number spiral illustration for instance), then the dice is misleading.
    Kind regards,
    Reinhard / Germany

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