The Dodecad

The numbers 1 through 12 are what’s called the Dodecad.  Do means 2.  Decad means 10. These are not just numbers, but qualities of reality and the numerical armature that nature uses to build herself.  There’s twelve hours on the clock, twelve inches in a foot, and twelve signs of the Zodiac.  Have these measures any correlation? Is it all just a big coincidence?

“There are too many coincidences for it to be all just coincidence” – unknown

Dodecad decad number

The circumference of the moon is 12x12x12x12x12x12x12 feet, which is 12 multiplied together 7 times. The radius is the product of all natural numbers under 12 except for 7.

This is 99.99% accurate according to NASA in 2014.  Now, NASA has been known to lie… Perhaps they are just playing a trick on us? Who knows! Some days I think they might knock on my door and congratulate me on recognizing their cosmo canonical number prank.

Dodecahedron Flower of Life

The Dodecahedron laid upon the Flower of Life

The dodecahedron is the most mysterious of the Platonic solids.  Even mentioning this archetypal form outside the walls of Plato’s academy was met with certain doom.  Twelve pentagons come together to make this form.  The numbers 12 (in its sides), and 5 (in the pentagons) are the key to understanding the hidden patterns in the Fibonacci sequence, which are also directly tied to the golden mean. (1.618.. : 1)

Dodecahedron Fibonacci


Finding the digital root of each number in the sequence reveals a pattern of 24 numbers.  But the first 12 pair with the second 12 to sum 9.  Therefore this pattern can most easily be recognized as a pattern of 12, that pair with each other.  The first 12 are naked with out their counterparts.

fibonacci pattern vortex math phi 24

Graphic courtesy of

What’s more, these numbers that form the Dodecahedron, 5 and 12, can be found in another pattern hidden in the Fibonacci sequence.  This pattern, although less recognized, shows why we use 60 seconds in a minute, and 60 minutes in an hour.  As 5 x 12 = 60, I’m willing to bet this is why ancient Sumerians decided to use the sexigesimal(60)  number system.

fibonacci sequence 60 pattern

The FIbonacci Sequence. Look at the last digit in each number.

phi fibonacci 60 pattern

Above is the Fibonacci Sequence, starting at the 60th number on.

Fibonacci Patterns

Patterns in the Fibonacci Sequence

It was Lucien Khan that most recently pointed this pattern out.  His blog and book are dedicated to this subject alone.

Twelve has always been a highly revered number and rightfully so as it encodes the secrets of the Fibonacci sequence which is married to the golden number, Phi.  Even though this essential ratio is missing from most calculators, its importance should never be dismissed for it is encoded in all of life and central to our holographic existence.

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  1. Amazing Genius Love it Anthony Morris is the greatest to me.

  2. Beautiful work, Mr Dubs! Just found the treasure cove of your work yesterday. My research led me to find that these numbers have a unique relationship with the musical heliosphere. 5s and 12s emanate and constellate from Terra’s (Earth’s) quintessentially blessed perspective! Thank you!

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