The Cosmic Creations Collection

Cosmic Creations are illustrations I’ve made over the past few years on the trivium and the quadrivium; digital drawings dealing with mathematics, geometry, music, cosmology, natural philosophy and other phenomena.

Some of the CCC has been featured on Wisdom Teachings and have been presented at conferences such as the Electric Universe. 

Nassim Haramein of The Resonance Project has featured a few cosmic creations.

Frank Chester, the man who correctly claims the heart is not a pump, used a cosmic creation in his newsletter.

From sacred geometry to synchronistic mathematics, the universe is shown to be an intelligent design far from cosmic coincidence. This omnipresent matrix is bound to a sacred canon of number and geometry, an ancient and esoteric system of divine proportion.

Unbeknownst to most, and canonized as sacred by the select few, this knowledge is being rediscovered once again.

Cosmic Creations coalesce consciousness through the exploration of the Quadrivium; by transforming esoteric concepts into exoteric knowledge, we’ll understand the nature of reality while purging materialism from the collective unconscious, destroying the new world order & returning harmony to a new Noosphere. 


  • JoeDubs’ Cosmic Creation Collection™ info-graphics: 420 original illustrations
  • 67,000 photos/illustrations/pictures on the Quadrivium & Trivium in sorted albums
  • 100+ open source PDF books organized by category

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