Cosmic “Coincidence”

Modern day science will tell us that our existence is merely coincidental and this cosmic ‘coincidence’ of our reality is the product of time and chance.  There are, after all, millions of “Goldilocks zones”.  We are a speck of nothingness in an infinite plane of existence.

I call BULL!  Our lives DO have meaning, and our free will is NOT an illusion. Consciousness is NOT an epiphenomenon of material activity in the brain. Me, You, We MATTER!  There are no coincidences. Chalking up our existence as the anthropic principle is a catch-22, and one of the biggest logical fallacies of them all!

Earth and Moon are just the right size, and just the right distance from the Sun, and just far enough away from each other for life to exist.  Everything is just perfect.  Their geometries even solve the ancient philosophical quandary of  ‘Squaring the Circle’.  This is either divine creation or cosmic coincidence, and to beLieve the latter means you’re already the victim of their mental enslavement.

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  1. Excelent work, awsome! Thank you very much.

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