The Seven Liberal Arts

The seven liberal arts are the disciplines of study that the Pythagoreans taught in their mystery schools.  They’re the subjects or skills, that in classical antiquity were considered essential for a free person to cultivate to gain a solid foundation of their physical reality.

(Latin: liberalis, “worthy of a free person”)

Seven Liberal Arts 15

The Trivium is made up of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric.  But not exactly in the sense of the words.  Grammar is information we gather, the “Who, What, When, and Where”.  Logic is the processing of that data and attempt to make sense of it.  It’s our reason and understanding.  Logic answers”Why”.  Rhetoric is the applying of knowledge to gain wisdom.  Rhetoric answers the “How”.

quadrivium trivium senses liberal arts

The Seven Liberal Arts: The Occulted(Hidden) System for Understanding Reality

The 7 Liberal Arts

The Trivium:  (tri for three)

  • Grammar (Who, What, When, Where)
  • Logic (Why)
  • Rhetoric (How)

The Quadrivium (quad for four)

  • Number
  • Geometry (Number in Space)
  • Music (Number in Time)
  • Astronomy (Number in Space and Time)

We use our five senses (sight, sound touch, smell, taste), utilizing the Trivium as a method for discerning our own epistemological truths.

It is by our nature that we search for the truth.  We desperately seek to understand our world and how it all works.  In our attempt it’s important not to put our logic in front of our grammar.  The order of the Trivium is very important.  We shouldn’t make a decision about something (Logic: Why), before we’ve gathered all the facts on the subject (the Who, What,When, Where).  Academia, politicians, science, medicine, and the mainstream media all make this fundamental mistake.

For instance there’s a lot of evidence to merit the existence of telepathy, but since scientists already “know” that’s impossible, the evidence is simply ignored.  Mainstream science puts their cart before their horse, making the critical error of forming their beliefs before all the evidence is looked at.

We use our five senses and the Trivium to understand the world around us, while making sure to recognize and reject logical fallacies and other flaws in reasoning.  We form our own subjective truth utilizing the Trivium as a way of striving toward the Universal Truth, oft times examining the Quadrivium, in an attempt to better understand our self and our surroundings. We may never know the whole truth(The Universal Truth), but we can attempt to gain all the gnosis in the ‘akashic records’ by using this system.  

3-4-5 Triangle

There is much knowledge hidden into the geometry of the Pythagoras’ first triplet.

The Pythagorean 3-4-5 Triangle is a good symbol to conceptualize the Trivium, Quadrivium, and our Five Senses. 3,4, and 5 are the first numbers that combine to form the first so called ‘Pythagorean Triple‘, which obeys the rule ‘A squared plus B squared equals C squared'(High school geometry did come in handy after all!).



The physical sizes of Earth and Moon encode the 3-4-5 triangle, which itself also encodes Phi, and therefore encodes life. From our perspective here in Earth, the Sun is oddly the same exact size in the sky as our Moon. This fact is proven every time there is a solar eclipse. This cosmological trinity fits nicely with the 3-4-5 model in their amount of letters in English.

Platonic Solids

The Platonic Solids

Like our five senses there are five Platonic solids, each of which is made up of shapes that have 3, 4, or 5 sides. The tetrahedron is made up of 4 triangles(three sided). The octahedron, 8 triangles. The icosahedron has 20 triangles. The cube is composed of 6 squares(four sided) and the dodecahedron is made of 12 pentagons(five sided). Three-Four-Phive is reflected in the way nature structures itself, based upon the simplest 3-D geometries in our reality.

platonic solids

Platonic Dice

In addition the Platonic solids also encode 3-4-5 in the way the shapes fit together. The tetrahedron, cube, and dodecahedron have three shapes at their corners. The octahedron, four. And the icosahedron has five shapes coming together at every point. Again, the Three-Four-Phiveness, if you will.

We use our five senses to understand the world around us. The Trivium is essential in the process of understanding reality, and must be used in the correct order, Grammar, Logic, then Rhetoric. We must not put logic before grammar. We shouldn’t form an understanding (Logic:Why), before we have all the facts (Grammar:Who, What When, Where). Only then can we begin to describe the How (Rhetoric).  Logical fallacies, or flaws in reasoning, must also be recognized and avoided in the attempt to ascertain the Universal Truth.

It is also important to recognize how the human psyche operates. We are innately resistant to new information that shatters our worldly perspective.  We block out information that doesn’t conform to our previously accepted ideology. As Mark Twain put it “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.” This resistance to new information was coined ‘cognitive dissonance‘ by a social psychologist in the 1950’s. It is this aspect of our psyche that dissuades progress in science, medicine, philosophy, and any other characterological structure system.

The Trivium is a method of bypassing the inefficiencies of modern thinking. This classical education has been occulted(hidden) from the people of Earth. It’s quite ironic that the word ‘occult’ has itself been occulted. What better way to hide information than to obscure the very definition of the term? Contrary to popular beLIEf, the word ‘occult” has nothing to do with witchcraft and black magik.

The truth can be occulted (kept hidden) very easily when you condition the people of Earth to viscerally reject it, creating a gag reflex of incoherence just for sounding bat-sh*t crazy.  The appeal to authority logical fallacy is particularly useful among the propagandists and ruling elite.  When the people blindly trust the experts they bypass critical thinking and often common sense.  The experts are seldom correct, but we reinforce our trust in them with more fallacies like the argumentum ad numeram, the appeal to popularity.  Just because 97% of scientists, for example, believe in anthropogenic climate change, doesn’t make it sacrosanct and fact.

evidence cognitive dissonance

The more widely accepted a theory is, the less evidence that is required to support it.

“We have to be able to recognize that the attainment of knowledge is the highest labor of mankind. And that the attainment of knowledge is the basis of all philanthropy, the basis of all unselfishness, the basis of all cooperation, and the strengthening of all the constructive emotions of the human being. Therefore to do this, it must be a discipline. And all ancient people set aside certain disciplines for those who wanted to know the truth more than anything else. These they called the mystery schools. The greatest of all wisdom is the love of truth, the love of reality. We’ve had years of years of corrupted wisdom. We’ve head years of years of pseudo knowledge and we’re now very much in need of the real thing.”  – Manly P. Hall

“Pythagoras was one of the first teachers to establish a community wherein all the members were of mutual assistance to one another in the common attainment of the higher sciences. He also introduced the discipline of retrospection as essential to the development of the spiritual mind. Pythagoreanism may be summarized as a system of metaphysical speculation concerning the relationships between numbers and the causal agencies of existence.”  -Manly P. Hall

“We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.” – Edward Bernays “The Father of Propaganda”

“The engineering of consent is the very essence of the democratic process, the freedom to persuade and suggest. In practice, the freedoms of speech, press, petition and assembly — freedoms that make engineering consent possible — have tacitly expanded our Bill of Rights to include the right of persuasion,” -Edward Bernays

“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere” -Voltaire

“I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” -Harriet Tubman

“If we have no heretics we must invent them, for heresy is essential to health and growth.”
― Yevgeny Zamyatin

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” -Aristotle

“When you begin to think cosmically you will advance rapidly if your desire is keen. But from the very day you begin you will note increasingly greater power in your work, and still; a greater transformation of your personality. Your capacity for joy and happiness may be measured by your capacity for grief and suffering. All of the knowledge in the world should not dehumanize you. Your knowledge will, however, balance all opposite emotions, and thus enrich you for having experienced them while ignorance will breed fears, worries, superstitions, and other unnatural emotions which act as a terrible burden to your progress. Knowledge of Universal Law will give you courage to transform the greatest defeat that ever threatened you into your greatest victory.”
~ Walter and Lao Russell

“Mans status in the natural world is determined by the quality of his thinking” – Manly Palmer Hall

Trivium Education

Logical Fallacies

7 Tools of Precision Thinking – Thomas Joseph Brown

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