5040 The Perfect Number

Plato mentions in his Laws that 5040 is a convenient number to use for dividing many things (including both the citizens and the land of a state) into lesser parts.  Claiming it to be the ideal population of a city, he thought that the people’s well-being depended almost as much on the number as on justice.  5040 as it turns out is a very special number.

Plato's Number 5040

One of the reasons 5040 was so highly revered was because it is a superior highly composite number.  Translation: No other number below it has as many divisors.  5040 has the same amount of divisors as there are minutes in an hour, or seconds in a minute.  5040 is a very practical number, being divisible by 1-12, except 11.  There are only ten of these rare numbers below a million, and it just so happens that the combined radii of Earth and Moon in miles equals 5040 (99.97%).  The angular measure of the Platonic solids can be combined to sum 5040. The total angles of the octahedron and icosahedron, which Plato associated with Air and Water, conveniently add up to 5040.  It turns up everywhere.

Platonic Solids

The Platonic Solids’ total angles all reduce to NINE

5040 is tied to 7, and 7 is the middle ground among the Decad (the numbers 1-10)

5040 = 1x2x3x4x5x6x7 = 7!

5040 = 7x8x9x10 = 10!/6! = 7!

7! + (10!/6!) = Minutes in a Week = Mean diameters of Earth and Moon in miles = 10,080

Crooked Soley Crop Circle 504 792

The Crooked Soley Crop Circle appeared at night on August 27, 2002

The Crooked Soley Crop Circle appeared at night on August 27, 2002. It was the very last major formation of the 2002 season. This short-lived masterpiece (it lasted only a few hours before the harvesters moved in), which was both beautiful and finely crafted, depicted an unbroken double helix strand of DNA – an extraordinarily sophisticated geometry which exhibits what Plato described as the heavenly pattern, which was the basis of the design of ancient monuments such as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid.

The Crooked Soley formation measured about 300 feet across, and the pattern was made up of 1296 ‘curved squares’. In 504 of those squares the crop was left standing, and they depicted the double helix DNA spiral. The other 792 curved squares were flattened crop that enabled the DNA pattern to stand out in relief.

These are the numbers of sacred geometry. If you multiply the number standing crop squares…504, by 10 you get 5040 which is the number used by Plato for the planning of his ideal city. The recommended number of citizens for the ideal city is 5040, and all the institutions in the city are based on that number, as is the physical radius of the city as well. Plato took this number to be the key for a divinely ordered Creation. sacred-geometry.com

Allan Brown & John Michell first pointed this out in their book Crooked Soley A Crop Circle Revelation.  504 resonantes with the Earth and Moon and 792 relates to Earth, being 7920 miles in diameter.  It’s also interesting to note that there are exactly 7920 Protons & Neutrons used by the 64 Codons that make up our DNA (credit: Anthony Morris).  Now it might make more sense why the architects flattened out exactly 792 squares in the shape of a DNA helix.

This crop circle may also resonate with the imperial system.  There are 1296 inches in a square yard.  Randall Carlson pointed out that 7920 inches = 1 furlong  and 7920 miles = diameter of Earth.  7920 feet is exactly a mile and a half.

Crooked Soley A Crop Circle Revelation

Crooked Soley A Crop Circle Revelation

504 has the same meaning as 5040 due to the way our reality organizes itself conceptually (the decimal system).  504 is the sum of the first pair of amicable numbers, 220 and 284.

Amicable numbers are a pair of numbers such that the sum of their divisors (not including itself) equals the other number.

amicable numbers list 13

The divisors of 220 are:   1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 11, 20, 22, 44, 55, and 110
If you add these up they total 284.

The divisors of 284 are:  1, 2, 4, 71, and 142
Add these up and they total 220.

504 is encoded in the measure of Earth & Moon, the Platonic solids, and Time. This number exists not only as quantitative representation of apples or oranges, but also as a qualitative symbol for how our numeric reality operates.

Platonic Solids

The Pythagorean Solids – The Platonic Solids

5040 can be found in our three dimensional geometry as well as in Earth and Moon imperial measures.

Earth and Moon 5040

The combined radii of Earth and Moon is 5040 miles (99.97% accuracy)


Earth and Moon Coincidence

The statute mile appears to be of a cosmic origin

We could chalk this up to coincidence and dismiss this as merely ‘playing with numbers’ until we finally find something significant. Or we could add this to the growing collection of synchronicities in our solar system, cataloging this for later consideration of the units of measure we commonly use today having a deeper synergistic meaning.

“Conventional thinkers in the realm of mathematics would concur with this – geometry does provide us with a type universal language. If you look at linguistics I think there is some interesting evidence showing that many of the modern day languages are all branches off some fundamental trunk of languages that goes way back into prehistory. Kabbalah teaches us that there is this intimate connection between number and language and to me this is one of the great mystical mysteries…..The skeptic could argue well, you’re just playing with numbers, well,yes, we are playing with numbers and perhaps what we are getting to is that God played with numbers to create the Universe. And these numbers are intrinsic to everything. They are intrinsic to our bodies. They are intrinsic to molecular and atomic processes. In fact, the largest scale that we can perceive the universe operating on we find numbers pervading and they appear to be many of the same numbers.” – Randall Carlson

“God built the universe on numbers.” – Pythagoras


Se7en, Plato & 5040

The sum of the interior angles of the first 7 polygons is equal to Plato’s favorite number, 5040.

triangle+square+pentagon+hexagon+heptagon+octagon+nonagon = 5040°
180° + 360° + 540° + 720° + 900° + 1080° + 1260° = 5040°

plalYou’ll notice that, in our decimal system, 7 x 8 x 9 x 10 also equals 5040.

Of Plato’s Twelve books in his ‘Laws’ he first mentions his highly revered number 5040 in chapter V, a total of exactly 7 times.

“Let us proceed to another class of laws, beginning with their foundation in religion. And we must first return to the number 5040—the entire number had, and has, a great many convenient divisions, and the number of the tribes which was a twelfth part of the whole…” — Plato, Laws – Book VI

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  3. You have certainly connected some major dots but only the surface…I am thrilled to see this. I have the answers you’ve been looking for. For instance applying the base measurement of 360 degree circle. example: 792 + 504 = 1,296 which is 36 squared 36 x 36 = 1,296 But the real hidden factor is found by this formula 792+54+360+90= 1,296 …..this is from my own work unrelated to crop circles 792 x 54 = 42,768 / 36 = 1188. 1,296 – 1,188 = 108…54+54=108….504+504=1008. 792+54= 846 / 36 = 23.5 degrees earth tilt of axis. look at this…792+279+729+297= 2097…. The real strange thing is that every total sum except (23.5) adding sum together equals same number 9. the Bristow Sequence Keys are 12&15…..note 1188/12=99 (9+9=18) 1188/15=79.2 (7+9+2=18) 1296/12=108 1296/15=86.4 (8+6+4=18) 1+8=9. 9×9=81 reversed is 18.

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  5. I’m currently revising my book, The Tao of Sustainable Development, and have a whole section of Non-State Forms. I propose that 5,040 is the optimum size for a large NSF and 144 (plus or minus one) is the optimum size for a small NSF. Your site was very useful for some of the info on 5,040. Thanks! If you have any other references I’d be interested in seeing them.

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