Phindings in the (Phi)Bonacci Sequence: Powers of the Golden Number

Phibonacci, or actually, Fibonacci, was a man once known as Leonardo of Pisa in Italy around the 13th century A.D. Today we know this name, and the associated Greek letter ø or “Phi”, in relation to the spiraling sequence of numbers that form a ‘golden spiral’. I recently learned there are silver and bronze spirals as well, but this article will only be focusing on the Golden Ratio, Phi, and the Fibonacci sequence. Phi has a few interesting properties, one of them being what happens when you ‘square’ it, which simply means multiplying it by itself; which when happens, equals one plus itself, or 2.618… But what about the cube of Phi, (Phi x Phi x Phi)? Or how about Phi to the fourth power, and so forth… As it turns out, the Fibonacci sequence is hidden in these mathematical expressions, it’s just not…

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Fibonacci Fun


Here are some illustrations by myself and others, dealing with the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Number, Phi. A few months ago, I noticed the exponents of Phi encode the Fibonacci sequence.  Share98Pin7TweetShare1106 Shares

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Musical Geometry

Musical Geometry Joe Dubs

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. …Geometry will draw the soul toward truth and create the spirit of philosophy.  ― Plato Music is the universal language of mankind.  ―Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Did you know you’re a mathe-magical musician with an inherent understanding of music theory?  All living organisms are. It’s no coincidence.  Just sing a note, any note. Laaaaaa Now, hum another note that’s higher than the last, but make it sound harmonic, the best you can. You just sung the opening two notes to Star Wars™, and learned the perfect fifth in the process.  Two notes with a frequency ratio of 2:3 are perfect fifths. Dunnn (2) DUNNNNN (3) …… Dun Dun dah Duhhn duhn…. The perfect octave can be found in the song “Some Where” (over the rainbow) Some…

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Cosmic Creations – Gallery Three

Sacred Geometry allows us to see the inner truths we’ve known all along.  We just sometimes need a boost in consciousness to elevate us to the point of self awareness. “Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Music Has the Right to Children – Boards of Canada – Roygbiv – (2:31) These 100 creations were made in 2016 Share96Pin4TweetShare100 Shares

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Cosmic Creations – Gallery Two

Unbeknownst to most, and canonized as sacred by the select few, this knowledge is being rediscovered once again. Cosmic Creations coalesce consciousness through the exploration of the quadrivium. “Geometry will draw the soul toward truth and create the spirit of philosophy “  -Plato Empire Ants Ft. Little Dragon – Gorillaz – Plastic Beach – (4:41)   These 100 creations are from 2015 Share107Pin3TweetShare110 Shares

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Cosmic Creations – Gallery One

Cosmic Creations coalesce consciousness through the exploration of the Quadrivium.  The goal is to understand the nature of reality, while purging materialism from the collective unconscious, uniting duality, and returning harmony to the Noosphere. “The harmony of the world is made manifest in form and number, and the heart and soul and all the poetry of natural philosophy are embodied in the concept of mathematical beauty.” – Sir D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson Sit Down Stand Up(Snakes & Ladders) – Radiohead – Hail to the Chief – (4:20) This gallery includes 100 creations from 2014 Share41Pin358TweetShare399 Shares

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Cosmic Creations

Phi in Fruit of Life

Cosmic Creations lift the veil on our holographic reality. From sacred geometry to synchronistic mathemagics, the universe is shown to be an intelligent design, far from cosmic coincidence. This omniscient matrix is bound to a sacred order of number and geometry, an ancient and esoteric system of divine proportion. “It is hard to resist the impression that the present structure of the universe, apparently so sensitive to minor alterations in numbers, has been rather carefully thought out…The seemingly miraculous concurrence of these numerical values must remain the most compelling evidence for cosmic design.”  –Paul Davies Cosmic Creations – Gallery One Cosmic Creations – Gallery Two Cosmic Creations – Gallery Three The Cosmic Creation Collection   Share4Pin21TweetShare429 Shares

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The Divine Proportion: Golden (Phi)nomena of Nature

golden number phi calipers

There is one proportion that is divine.  A ratio of two numbers, the simplest of which being one.  Paired with unity, there is only one number that is capable of fractal expansion and contraction.  By using the four operations of mathematics: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, this golden number (1.6180339..) is the key to understanding fractality, holograms, life, and the nature of reality.  This is the number (or ratio) the universe uses to become more aware of itself. The divine proportion is the only mathematical ratio that the Universe needs to intelligently design all life.  Phi, aka the Golden Ratio,  is a truly divine number.  It’s quite a phinomenon.  Along with unity this number creates the perfect proportion.  Let’s demystiphi some of the more esoteric geometric concepts attributed to this golden proportion.   Phi is found everywhere and yet nobody talks about it.  It’s missing from the calculator.  Its…

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