Hidden In Plain Sight #Pedogate Part 3

Between 3/22 and 4/20 of 2016, http://easchools.org (Education Alternatives Schools) was changed and they removed their ‘little boy lover’ pedophilia symbol from their website.

By using the Internet Archive at https://web.archive.org/web/20110624080012/http://www.easchools.org/  it can be established that they’ve had the same pedophile symbol since at least 6/24/2011  It can be seen as their favicon, on the tab bar, as well as in their website, in later archives.





Between thees two dates, the ‘little boy lover’ pedophile symbol was completely scrubbed from the website and replaced with a sun symbol, even as the favicon.

Overview of backups https://web.archive.org/web/20160401000000*/http://www.easchools.org/



At some point in time, probably around March to April of 2016, not only was the very suspicious logos removed from their website, but they must have contacted Google and had their logo on their building blurred to Street View in Google Maps.

Check it out for yourself

I was able to ascertain this information thanks to friends on the internet, but I’m not going to give their names here, that’s not my M.O. Thanks friend, you know who you are.

In my own neighborhood, I’ve been equally suspicious of the same type of folks.  And now after seeing this, I’m very suspicious, especially since they have the same exact logo, you know the logo that was completely scrubbed from their website, and then oddly blurred out of street view in Google Maps.

The only thing is, they haven’t erased their logo yet, like Education Alternatives has already done.

Enter: Jarrow Montessori School in Boulder Colorado (((Nurturing))) The Human Spirit

Why is a children’s day care advertising alcohol on the homepage of their website?


Why am I uncomfortable?

This time it’s bourbon, in the bottom right hand corner.

The promotion of homosexuality, even if their parents didn’t approve.

Jarrow promotes transsexuality and cross dressing apparently too.

And of course you can’t have a children’s center without alcohol!?

If you want play it safe, don’t take your kids to any organization associated with:

Education Alternatives Schools (easchools.org)


Jarrow Montessori Since 1964 in Boulder, Colorado – Jarrow Montessori, Boulder CO (jarrow.org)

I am not suggesting that either of these organizations are guilty of anything.  I have no proof they are pedophiles. But what we do have is all these telltale signs of this type of behavior. Why are they promoting alcohol, cross-dressing, and other perverse behavior? We’ve seen this same scene at Comet Ping Pong and other establishments.

Why did E. A. Schools remove their pedophile symbol, and then blur it out of street view in Google Maps?  Did they discover by happenstance that they were mistakenly using a symbol identified by the FBI to be associated with pedophilia?  Or are they knowingly covering their trails?

Will Jarrow eventually remove their symbol from their website and blur out their building on street view?  And for what reason?  Would you really have to go to such drastic lengths if you’re innocent?

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