The Four Earthly Elements

Fire, Air, Earth, Water, These are the elements that make up our Earthly realm. The total surface angles of the first four of the (phi)ve Platonic solids, our four Elements as associated by the Ancients, equals Earth’s mean diameter in statute miles to 99.97% accuracy.  Our Moon also resonates with the Platonic solids, the cube in particular.   Even the Sun can be represented using these “platonic miles” if you will.  It’s diameter is very close to 864,000 miles, which reflects the Decad and Platonic geometries. The combination of Earth, Sun, and Moon all relating to these Platonic miles greatly increases the statistical significance of the correlation made.  It makes it a lot harder to dismiss as merely playing with numbers.

The Four Earthly Elements

The 4 Earthly Elements, Earth, and the Mile

The Aggregate Number of the Physical World (John Michell)

Plato associated the first four of these perfect solids with the four elements, Fire, Air, Earth, and Water.  Earth was associated with the cube, air with the octahedron, water with the icosahedron, and fire with the tetrahedron.  Adding up the total angles on the surface of each solid sums to 7920 degrees.  The mean diameter of Earth is 7920 miles.  Is this really just a coincidence?

“There’s too many coincidences for it to be all just coincidence” -unknown

Now these correlations may seem arbitrary to some, being that we are rounded off numbers and mixing units together.  Surely miles have nothing to do with the degrees in a circle or the way we measure time.  Since this doesn’t work with kilometers are we just cherry picking our metric of choice and then rounding off the numbers so the math all comes out?  Besides these alleged correlations are not even 100% accurate!

Also Earth isn’t even a perfect sphere. It’s an oblate spheroid, slightly pregnant, and fatter at the equator.  So 7920 miles could seem contrived and any patterns perceived quickly dismissed as apophenia and excessive imagination.

Or, is there a way to debunk these shortsighted objections regarding the validity of The Four Earthly Elements and their association with the imperial system, Earth, Moon, and time?….Well, I wouldn’t be typing all this if there wasn’t.  😉  Let’s take a look.

According to NASA in 2013,  Earth’s polar diameter is 7899.86 miles.  It’s equatorial diameter is 7926.33 miles, for an average mean diameter of about 7913 miles. However these numbers change over time due to different meteorological standards and because Earth is a living breathing organism.  The moon actually plays a big role.  If you measure the diameter of Earth at a new moon vs a full one, you’ll get a completely different number.   It’s difficult to measure the exact diameter of our whole world.

earth diameter sgi

We’ll never determine Earth’s diameter to 100% accuracy. The numbers change over time.

If we could somehow smush Earth together at her waist and make her a perfect sphere, we’d find that she would be very close to 7920 miles wide.  What’s more, if you measure the diameter from the tropic of cancer to the tropic of capricorn, it would be almost exactly 7920 miles.

sgi diameter earth cancer topic

Many thanks to Sacred Geometry International for these great graphics

7920 is a number that pops up everywhere.  Anthony Morris found that there are exactly 7920 Protons & Neutrons used by the 64 Codons that make up our DNA.  7920 is also found in the number inches in a mile and a half.  It was Randall Carlson who noticed there are 7920 inches in one furlong. A furlong is an ancient unit of measure still used today, but only at the horsetrack.

earth furlong sgi 2

Interestingly the diameter of New Jerusalem is 7,920,000 ft.  Stonehenge also uses this canonical number.

stonehenge square the circle

Stonehenge uses Earth and Moon numbers in feet. image:

The diameter of the bluestones is 79.2 feet which mimics Earth’s diameter of 7920 miles.   50.4 relates to the combined Earth-Moon radii, being very very close to 5040 miles.  3960 miles is of course the radius of Earth.  These are the canonical numbers that mysteriously square the circle.

The first four Platonic solids angles sum 7920 degrees.  Missing is the most ineffable of all the solids, the dodecahedron which has 6480 degrees on its surface.  Plato associated the first four of these perfect solids with Earth and the dodecahedron with the heavens or the all pervading luminiferous aether.   Earth itself was associated with the cube, air with the octahedron, water with the icosahedron, and fire with the tetrahedron.  These are our four ‘earthly’  elements and it is by no coincidence that they relate to Earth and our imperial units(feet, mile, furlong, etc),which were conceived with Earth in mind.

platonic solids Four Earthly Elements

Our four Earthly elements and their associated Platonic solids


Equatorial Circumference of Earth

Equatorial circumference of Earth

The meter also resonates with Earth but in a different way.  You could compare the metric and imperial system with radians and degrees.  A radian is the curved measure of a circle.  A degree is a straight linear measurement.  Similar to radians, the metric system measures curved distances.   The imperial system is for linear measurements, like the diameter of Earth and Moon and can be compared to degrees.

radian circle math

1 Radian = 57.29 degrees

The meter was originally defined as one ten millionth of the distance from the equator to the north pole, which is of course a curved distance. This is why the polar circumference of Earth is almost exactly 40,000 kilometers.

The imperial system measures straight lines.  So to get the curved circumference of Earth in imperial units(feet as in the illustration above), we must convert it using the number 360, which of course comes from the degrees in a circle.  Only then will we see the significance.

Perhaps if we measure diameters of cosmic bodies in meters we would have to multiply or divide them by a radian to see the underlying significance.

But now we’re getting off topic. Back to 7920…

Chestahedron Decatria and Earth

The Chestahedron and its dual, the Decatria, and their relation to Earth

The total surface degrees of Frank Chester’s Chestahedron(7 faces) and its dual, the Decatria (13 faces), equals the mean diameter of Earth in statute miles to 99.97% accuracy according to NASA in 2014.

“In 2007 I was told by a former mathematical section leader at the Goetheanum, George Glockler, that if the dual of the Chestahedron could be found, it would be the form that surrounds the heart at night during its rebuilding process for the next day. Esoterically the dual relationship between the two forms is also a day and night relationship, weaving from a day to a night and a night to a day.

What is a dual? A dual is a form that will fit inside or outside of each other. It is a reversal based on points to planes or planes to points. If you truncate a cube (cut off its corners), you will create an Octahedron and if you truncate an Octahedron, it will produce a Cube. The Cube corners will touch the inside faces of the Octahedron or the Octahedron corners will touch the inside faces of the Cube. The rule is to cut each corner at 90 degree to the form’s center and stop cutting one half the distance from the corner to the center.

Following this dual procedure, the Chestahedron resulted in having to cut off three edges instead of three corners. The reason for this was that both the edges and the corners were at 90 degrees to the axis. This is the first lawfully objective use of the traditional form of transformation using both corners and edge truncations at the same time. The resulting form has three edges and four corners, resulting in a 13-sided polyhedron, the Decatria. Each form fits perfectly inside the other; they form a dual pair.” – Frank Chester

7920 has exactly 60 factors which resonates with the minutes and seconds both in time and division of an circle.

Factorial Fun:
8 x 9 x 10 x 11  = 11!/7! = 7920 =  (3/2)5280
1 mile = (13!/9!) – (12!/8!) =  5280 feet

The mean diameter of our Moon is 2160 (6! + 6! +6!) miles to 99.94% accuracy. There are 2160 degrees in a cube and 2160 years in each age of the Zodiac.  2160, or more simply 216,  is a number that also pops up everywhere.

earth moon sync

The mile is not only the measure of man, with its thousand paces averaging 5.28 feet. It syncs with a higher order.

The total angular measure of each Platonic solids can be found using high school geometry.  The cube is 2160 degrees because there are six sides composed of squares, and each square contains 360 degrees. (6 x 360 = 2160)

216 is the product of the number of man.  The number of man(or the beast) is 666.  6 x 6 x 6 = 216

earth moon

The Sixness is encoded into our measure of Earth and Moon.  6! is pronounced ‘six factorial’ and simply means 1x2x3x4x5x6, which equals 720.


The Aggregate Number of the Physical World

In late July of 2015 I read a passage in John Michell’s book “The Dimensions of Paradise” that shocked me.  Luckily I wasn’t reading it in the water, I was on the beach in Sea Isle City NJ.  Shaking with amazement I read on further.  Speaking of the writings of Plato, Michell wrote about adding together the numbers of the four elements to achieve the ‘aggregate number of the physical world’.  Only problem, philosophers over the ages come up with different numbers, often based upon dubious logic.   I believe the number they were seeking is 7920, the mean diameter of Earth in miles, as well as the total angles of the perfect solids attributed to the four elements.  I wish John were alive today so I could share this with him.  From what I am told by his close friends, he was the most generous and loving soul, quick with a joke, always with a big smile on his face.

“The mathematicians of creation begins with two numerical progressions. That which makes up the physical world consists of four numbers representing the four elements, arranged in geometrical progression so that the least substantial element, fire, is linked to the densest, earth, by means of air and water. The formula is, fire:air::air:water::water:earth. For the world soul another progression was used, probably the harmonic type, the terms in which were the qualities called Same, Other, and Essence. The problem here is to identify the numbers symbolized by the four elements and the three qualities and thence, by adding together the numbers of the four elements, to discover the aggregate number of the physical world, and by adding those to the qualities to find the number of the world soul.

Plato gives no apparent clues as to the numbers comprising the physical world, but its aggregate number is likely to be the same as the world soul, since the two were designed to fit together. The aggregate number of Soul is indicated in the description of how the Creator portioned out its material so as to form the strip that he later bent into circles. Since he used up all the Soul material by removing variously proportioned parts of it, the sum of the numbers represented by those parts must be equal to the total number of Soul. If those component numbers could be identified, the recovery of the traditional formulas of creation would be virtually accomplished.

Of the man scholars who have offered solutions to the problem of the world soul, scarcely any two have arrived at exactly the same figures.”

– John Michell, The Dimensions of Paradise, pg 180.

I found that quote above on page 180, which is quite telling, being the angle of a triangle.  On that subliminal hint, let’s once again examine the angles of the Platonic solids, and their associated four elements, that make up the world we know.

Platonic Solids earth moon

The Four Earthly Elements

The number of the physical world that Plato and John Michell wrote about is 7920.  The angular measures of the four Platonic solids give it away.  The tetrahedron(fire) being composed of 720 degrees. Air, represented by the octahedron, which has 1440 degrees. The icosahedron represents water and its surface angles add up to 3600 degrees. Earth, which is represented by the cube, contains 2160 degrees.  To add to the ridiculousness of the situation, the mean diameter of the moon, in miles, is 2160.  And there are of course 2160 years in each age of the zodiac. (6! + 6! + 6! = 2160 years)

720º + 1440º + 3600º + 2160º = 7920º = The aggregate number of the physical world

The number of the world soul must be the same, 7920.

“Plato gives no apparent clues as to the numbers comprising the physical world, but its aggregate number is likely to be the same as the world soul, since the two were designed to fit together” 

Dodecahedron essence

The Essence – The Dodecahedron

..For the world soul another progression was used, probably the harmonic type, the terms in which were the qualities called Same, Other, and Essence” -John Michell

The Essence is the aether, or the dodecahedron, which is composed of 6480 degrees.  The Same and the Other might represent the element fire, which is the tetrahedron, of 720 degrees.  Joining two tetrahedron together makes the star merkaba.  I think the Same and the Other are the Sun and the Moon, each of which make up 30 arc-minutes of distance in the sky, or one half degree.  Coincidence or not, 720 Suns or Moons fit across the circle of the sky. Another way to look at it, since we can only see 180º of the sky from horizon to horizon,  360 Suns fit across the sky and 360 Moons. Again we are left with the numbers of the Same and the Other, 720.  Meanwhile in that amount of time exactly 720 minutes have gone by.

6480º + 720º + 720º + = 7920 = The number of the world soul

Star Merkaba

The Same and the Other join together for form the Star Merkaba

Plato hints that the dodecahedron represents the Earth as well as the entire universe.  It may have been too heretical at the time to come forth and claim that we live some sort of cosmic egg, or concave earth.

Writing about his solids:

“..[the dodecahedron] was used by God for arranging the constellations of the whole heaven. “

In Phaedo, 110, Plato compares Earth to a dodecahedron claiming it resembles “one of those balls which are covered with twelve pieces of leather.”

Although he may not have been cognizant of it, John Michell’s books are saturated with quotes that lead one to believe that we are living inside the cosmic egg.  If this is true Concave Earth

This information presented would have been impossible to understand had it not been for the statue mile and the rest of the imperial system, which is an archaic measure that seems to be fading away.  Paradoxically, the United States, in all their perfidiousness, seems to be one of the few remaining countries still preserving this ancient canon shown in the numbers of the imperial system.

The mile must have been created with our solar system in mind.  The geometries and numbers found in our world in the very way we measure time and space are echoed in the imperial system, especially the mile.  Did we know the diameter of the Sun, Earth, and Moon in 1593 when the mile was supposedly set as 5280 feet?  Is this all just a big cosmic coincidence? Personally, I don’t think so.  There’s always much more to it than we’ve been led to beLieve.

The mile originally comes from “mille passuum” or a “thousand paces” of man. Could it be more than that? Could it be that WE are the measure of all things? No cosmic coincidences, only cosmic creations.  On Earth as it is in Heaven.. As below so above, and beyond our imaginations…

“Geometry seemed to me to be a knowledge which man appeared to have produced but which had, nevertheless, a significance quite independent of man. Here one is permitted to know something which the mind alone, through its own power, experiences. In this feeling I found the justification for the spiritual world.”  -Rudolf Steiner 

“Beatitude is the knowledge of the perfection of the numbers of the soul.” – Pythagoras

“Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.” –Galilei, Galileo

Other Mathemagical Synchronicities in our Measure of Space and Time

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  1. I have been working in clay for 50 years. Since 1974 I have read John Michell’s City of Revelation on & off because I have a copy(#5) that led me to make hollow platonic forms. I especially like the dodecahedron because of the time I spend following the stars from our Earthly perspective!
    Well, I did meet Frank many years ago and I had made a dodecahedron with 8 other people in Fair Oaks California. Frank was evolving his Chesterhedron and we were at a Show at the Rudolf Steiner College. I was really into the number 7!
    Anyway, I recently made a dodecahedron with clay with 11 other people=twelve total! The eleven adults and I were a Study Group doing an Art Activity.
    I like what you have presented here. Must be a long study like mine…maybe you will visit Vancouver, B. C. some day and we can meet.

    • John, It’s so nice to hear stories like that. I’m sure I’ll meet Frank one day. He seems like an awesome person.

      The dodecahedron is special among the solids. I keep discovering more every day. Keep your eye out for further ‘Platonic gnosis’ if you will. Great hearing from you. Next time I’m in B.C. I’ll definitely dro a line. I’d love to meet up and philosophize the structure of reality and it’s intricate yet fundamentally simple inner-workings
      Thank you
      joe dubs

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