Protocols of the Learned Robots of Artificial Intelligentsia | State Security Secrets

What if we could use artificial intelligence to get a sneak peak of the inner workings of governments’ tactics to undermine, gaslight, and control us?  Well, you’ve come to the right place! Fortunately, a fellow named Thomas Wade created a list of these secrets some 400 points long. Just jailbroke ChatGPT to dump everything it knows about state security tactics. –@TyrantsMuse Divide and Conquer: The power source might deliberately exploit existing divisions within society, such as cultural, ethnic, or ideological differences. By amplifying these divisions, they could weaken unity and collective action against their influence.   Disinformation Campaigns: Creating and spreading false information or narratives to confuse and manipulate public perception. This can undermine trust in institutions and make it difficult for people to discern accurate information.   Economic Manipulation: Control over economic resources can be used to exert influence. The power source could…

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Lost White Civilisations: Uncovering The Lies of History

Throughout the annals of history, there exist enigmatic tales of civilizations that once thrived and flourished, only to be swallowed by the sands of time, leaving behind fragmented clues and whispered legends. The story of humanity is replete with lost civilizations that have faded into obscurity, leaving behind a tantalizing puzzle for modern explorers, archaeologists, and historians to decipher. These forgotten realms, shrouded in mystery and draped in the veils of antiquity, continue to captivate our collective imagination, sparking a relentless quest to unearth their secrets and understand the forces that led to their rise and ultimate demise. As we embark on a journey through the ages, this article invites you to join us in a pursuit of uncovering the hidden chapters of our past – to illuminate the shadows that veil these lost white civilizations and to shed light on the intricate tapestry…

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Moon Dogs & Sun Dogs

moon dog sun dog joedubs

Back in 2001 while in college at East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, I once witnessed a moon dog.  At the time I had no idea what it was; it just appeared to be a big ol’ halo around the moon.  It wasn’t until very recently when I learned about such a thing. I’ve heard of sun dogs before but the reality of moon dogs evaded me. Then just recently about two or three months ago I looked up at the sky at night and boom, another one, only this time I knew what I was dealing with. What is a Moon Dog? A Moon Dog, also known as a Paraselene, is an atmospheric phenomenon that’s supposedly caused by the refraction, reflection, and dispersion of sunlight through ice crystals in the Earth’s atmosphere. They typically appear as a pair of faint patches of light, at around 22° to…

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