The Diet Deception: Vegetarianism Turns You into a Vegetable

“Eat your vegetables”, we’re told, “They’re good for you” they say. This is all we’ve ever heard from mom, dad, doctors, and nutritionists the world over.  Fruits and vegetables are healthy and fat is bad. It’s as simple as that. If you disagree you are either unsympathetic to all those innocent animals that die for your insatiable thirst for dead flesh, or just plain dumb and don’t understand dietary science.


The science is settled, meat causes cancer, cholesterol clogs your arteries, and fat makes you fat. Wait! Not so fa$t!  Like much of what we accept as sacrosanct in the medical and nutritional world, economic factors often come into play, but that is another article entirely.

Actually, most of what we’re taught, or should I say conditioned to beLIEve, is usually a 180 degree inversion of what is actually true. Meat does NOT cause cancer, cholesterol repairs your arteries, and fat makes you thin.

But what about vegetables? How can they be unhealthy? And if they really are, wouldn’t they lettuce know? “They” must think we don’t carrot all about our health. Or it’s a deliberate conspiracy to make us all sick. It’s probably one or the other; I don’t know, it beets me. Corny puns aside, I think I’ve said too much; I’m probably gonna turnip dead.
But in all seriousness, eating raw vegetables can put you in a real pickle. Veggies contain natural toxins that ward off insects. These chemicals are their defense mechanism to ensure they romaine uneaten.

“Mother Nature puts anti-nutritional factors and toxins in grains, nuts, seeds and beans for a variety of reasons. Phytates, for example, block seeds from sprouting prematurely. Protease inhibitors, saponins, lectins and phytoestrogens harm insects, animals and other predators that would otherwise eat too many of them. If evolutionary theories are correct, wounded plants produce extra inhibitors and other anti-nutrients to save the plant species. The idea is to cause predators—including plant-eating humans—to experience slowed growth and diminished reproductive ability. Although it might sound like a “rotten idea,” squirrels are smart to bury nuts in the ground, then dig them up and eat them weeks and months later. Similarly, people in traditional cultures all over the world process their grains, nuts, seeds and beans by a process akin to pre-digestion before cooking and eating them.”

You might be thinking this is small potatoes, but these anti-nutrient toxins can have a real deleterious effect on your health.  They are robbing you of certain nutrients that are vital to brain health, like vitamin A and D. If you are a vegetarian you are probably not getting enough B-12 which is also imperative to cognition and overall health.

Meat has gotten a bad rep, especially after The China Study which has become somewhat of a bible for vegans and vegetarians. The only problem is that you can’t accurately assess a correlation between meat and heart disease, when they’re are so many countless confounders.

We’re taught that meat is bad for you, so when you study a group of people who eat meat, verses- vegetarians, the latter is more likely to care about their health, not because vegetables are healthy, but because they think vegetables are healthy, so they are more likely to do other things that actually are healthy.

Meat eaters are more likely to smoke and less likely to exercise because they don’t care as much about their health, even though meat is healthy. Meat eaters are also more likely to eat fast food; vegans and veggie eaters are more likely to carefully watch what they eat. Correlation does not necessarily imply causation, hence the China Study is one big logical fallacy.

Where carnivores and vegans can and should agree however, is the treatment of animals in large CAFO’s, where animals are mistreated, fed unnatural diets, hidden from sunlight, and injected with growth hormones and antibiotics. Nobody is advocating that we torture animals before eating them. Eating those poor creatures will surely make you sick.

And fennelly, fruit and veggies don’t provide all the essential nutrients humans need to thrive. Have you ever heard of an essential carbohydrate? There are however essential animo and fatty acids, which are not found in the plant kingdom.

A raw vegetarian diet will plant you into a sedentary state, unable to think properly, and you’ll become a couch potato. You are what you eat, and eating a raw vegan or vegetarian diet will literally turn you into a vegetable.


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Joe Dubs

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  1. I think you are misleading , if you believe eating dead carcasses that have been rotting for, who knows how long, then you are preaching to maggots! Humans are far from being carnivorous, I know, been there, done that, ruined my health! Glad I found the truth and it isn’t here……

    • Yes, I am going to eat aged, or as you say, rotten, meat soon, I will let you know how I make out with the “high meat” I have beef liver in the fridge that’s been burped regularly, and kombucha with lemon ginger fermenting in the closet.

  2. This sounds like jerky to me

  3. This article is stupid. What happened to eating fruit. The truth is self evident

  4. Hi there, i’d be interested in your thoughts on this:

    Vegan Agenda 21 New World Order Diet Non-Sense

    • I’ve seen that before. Eric doesn’t make very solid points for why we should be vegan, and he ignores any evidence that goes against his belief that we should eat only plants. Thanks for your comment.

  5. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is that belief systems make for blindfolds.
    For example, if one stumbles upon this website and this strokes with their belief system, they might also reject all the other teachings/opinions that are written by the same author.
    When belief systems take over, scary things happen.

    This happens a lot lately, and people are going into extremes.
    I could never find myself in both of these, and fluctuated between two.
    Now, one day a week, I eat meat, while the rest of the week maintaining a plant diet.
    Feeling healthy, both mentally (very important) and physically.
    Ironically, neither vegans or carnivores really get my motivation and my diet.

    The point of phytates for example is also a good one. The importance to eat, for example, sourdough bread is something that will become more clearer in the future.

  6. You state in the article that plants don’t provide essential amino acids and fatty acids we need, but both cannabis sativa and camelina sativa are complete proteins with substantial omega-3 fatty acids – the most important. You posted an article about fruit being the best food for us in the past, so I assume you have a fruit and animal products diet? Many vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds, and legumes either don’t have anti-nutrients, or they can be neutralized by sprouting, fermenting, or cooking. I’ve gone from being raised on meat, dairy and eggs, to being vegetarian, to being vegan, now back to vegetarian, with some meat – mostly fish. Vitamin B12 is essential, and vegan diets lack it, although vegetarians can get it from dairy and eggs. This article seems out of synch with the usual fare here, and not very appetizing….

  7. Joe Dubs, your brain seems to be one of Earth’s Seven Wonders. I am 2 years into a change of my diet. 9 months on LCHF and now 15 months on the carnivore diet.

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