Pedagogic Logic: Conundrums, Puzzles, & Riddles

The answer is 35 because banana(15) + onecherry(5) x apple(4) = 35, Remember PEMDOS

I’ve always enjoyed brain teasers, puzzles and paradoxes. What at first may seem pretty straight forward, can trick us into believing the illogical and outright insane.  There are many reasons for this.   Here is a series of puzzles, where the answer may not always be as obvious as it seems. Using your logic, be your own pedagog. Click on each picture to reveal the answer, but only do so when you’re ready! Take your time. Some of these are very difficult! Video on this puzzle above   Video on this puzzle above.  This is a difficult one. This next one is even more difficult. People will come up with all kinds of different answers, most of which are wrong. This video includes the puzzle above   How many circles do you see in this next picture?   How many times does the letter…

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