Orgonite: A Sexual Psyop – Wilhelm Reich the Perverted Marxist Degenerate

“At a certain point there were people who became conscious of all these elements and the potential they had for political control.  In the sexual realm, Wilhelm Reich was a crucial figure.  His book “The Mass Psychology of Fascism’ which came out in 1933 became the Bible for the use of sexual liberation as a form of political control.”E Michael Jones on Dionysos Rising: The Cultural Revolution and the Spirit of Music (31:45)

Dr. Jones is talking about sexual ‘liberation’ as a form of political control.  Reich was at the vanguard of this licentious movement, which later culminated into the zeitgeist of Free Love, the sexual revolution of the 60’s.

He continues:

“What began as the bondage of sin eventually became financial control and what became accepted as a financial transaction has been forged into a form of political control. Sexual revolution is contemporaneous with political revolution of the sort that began in France in 1789. This means we are not talking about sexual vice when we use the term sexual revolution, as much as the rationalization of sexual vice, followed by the financial exploitation of sexual vice, followed by the political mobilization of the same thing as a form of control. Since sexual “liberation” has social chaos as one of its inevitable sequelae, sexual liberation begets almost from the moment of its inception the need for social control.”

– LIBIDO DOMINANDI: Sexual Liberation and Political Control by E. Michael Jones

The following passages -from The Guardian of all places- correctly illustrates Reich’s role as a linchpin of moral and cultural degeneracy.

“Reich could be said to have invented this “sexual revolution”; a Marxist analyst, he coined the phrase in the 1930s in order to illustrate his belief that a true political revolution would be possible only once sexual repression was overthrown. That was the one obstacle Reich felt had scuppered the efforts of the Bolsheviks. “A sexual revolution is in progress,” he declared, “and no power on earth will stop it.”

In his 1927 study The Function of the Orgasm, he concluded that “there is only one thing wrong with neurotic patients: the lack of full and repeated sexual satisfaction” (the italics are his). Seeking to reconcile psychoanalysis and Marxism, he argued that repression – which Freud came to believe was an inherent part of the human condition – could be shed, leading to what his critics dismissed as a “genital utopia” (they mocked him as “the prophet of bigger and better orgasms”). His sexual dogmatism got him kicked out of both the psychoanalytic movement and the Communist party.

Reich considered his orgone accumulator an almost magical device that could improve its users’ “orgastic potency” and, by extension, their general, and above all mental, health.

The accumulator was used by such countercultural figureheads as Norman Mailer, JD Salinger, Saul Bellow, Paul Goodman, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Dwight Macdonald and William S Burroughs.

Because of his radical past, Reich was placed under surveillance almost as soon as he arrived in America and he was interned at the outbreak of war under suspicion of being a communist (his FBI file is 789 pages long).

Because of his radical past, Reich was placed under surveillance almost as soon as he arrived in America and he was interned at the outbreak of war under suspicion of being a communist (his FBI file is 789 pages long).

…As Aldous Huxley wrote in his 1946 preface to Brave New World, a novel about a futuristic dystopia in which sexual promiscuity becomes the law, “as political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase. And the dictator . . . will do well to encourage that freedom . . . it will help to reconcile his subjects to the servitude which is their fate.” Sexual liberation, despite its apparent eventual successes, might be interpreted, as the philosopher Michel Foucault suggested (with reference to Reich), as having ushered in “a more devious and discreet form of power”.”


Reich In His Own Words

The Function of the Orgasm by Wilhelm Reich

“During a lecture on anatomy in January 1919, a handbill was passed around from desk to desk. It called upon interested students to set up a seminar on sexology. I went to the initial meeting. There were some eight young medical students present. It was said that a seminar on sexology was necessary for medical students because the University of Vienna was neglecting this important question. I regularly attended the seminar, but I did not take part in the discussion. The manner in which this subject was treated in the first sessions sounded strange to me; it lacked the tone of naturalness. There was something in me that rejected it. One of my notes of March 1919 runs as follows: “Perhaps it is the morality with which the subject is treated that disturbs me. From my own experience, from observations made on myself and others, I have reached the conclusion that sexuality is the center around which the life of society as a whole as well as the inner intellectual world of the individual … revolves.”

Why did I object? It was not until some ten years later that I found out the reason. I had experienced sexuality differently from the way it was dealt with in that course. There was something bizarre and strange about the sexuality of those first lectures. A natural sexuality did not appear to exist at all; the unconscious was full of perverse instincts only. For instance, the psychoanalytic theory denied the existence of a primary vaginal eroticism in young girls and ascribed female sexuality to a complicated combination of other instincts.”

-The Function of the Orgasm by Wilhelm Reich , Chapter 1, page 21

This is the logic NAMBLA uses. They argue that boys can have orgasms too so why rob them of that pleasure????  Now, in 2018, they are normalizing pedophilia in TED talks! It’s out in the open now.  To understand the present, we have to understand of the past.


Freud Paves The Road to Perversion for Reich

“I was enthusiastic about Bloch, Forel, and Freud. Freud was a tremendous intellectual experience. I did not immediately become a devoted disciple of Freud. I assimilated his discoveries gradually, at the same time studying the ideas and discoveries of other great men.”  -Wilhelm Reich, The Function of the Orgasm  pg 22

“Freud’s second great disc overy was that even the small child develops a lively sexuality, which has nothing to do with procrea­tion…”

“The third great discovery was that childhood sexuality, of which what is most crucial in the child-parent relationship (“the Oedipus complex”) is a part, is usually repressed out of fear of punishment for sexual acts and thoughts (basically a “fear of castration”); the child’s sexual activity is blocked and extinguished from memory.” pg 26 – Wilhelm Reich, The Mass Psychology of Fascism

“One has to be familiar with this atmosphere in the fields of sexology and psychiatry before Freud to understand the enthusiasm and relief which I felt when I encountered him. Freud had paved a road to a clinical understanding of sexuality. He showed that adult sexuality proceeds from stages of sexual development in childhood. It was immediately clear : sexuality and procreation are not the same. The words “sexual” and “genital” could not be used interchangeably. The sexual experience comprises a far greater realm than the genital experience, otherwise perversions such as pleasure in coprophagy (eating of feces), in filth, or in sadism could not be called sexual. Freud exposed contradictions in thinking and brought in logic and order.”    -Wilhelm Reich, The Function of the Orgasm. pg 28


Wilhelm Reich: The Crypto Marxist

Along with Freud, Theo Adorno, Max Horkheimer and all their other buddies at the Frankfort School were devout Marxists; they were atheist Jewish communists. Now belonging to a group of folks immune to criticism, their nefarious agenda is being played out right before our eyes.  Our tongues are twisted, our voices silenced, “largely by men we have never heard of”, all due to political correctness and what some call cultural marxism.

“For a long period in his life Wilhelm Reich considered himself a Marxist. He applied the scientific method of Marxism to his research into Psychoanalysis and this led him to break with many of the theories of Freud.

Neither Reich’s historical role nor his works are recognized by most psychoanalysts, be they students, professionals or simple amateurs. This state of affairs enabled renowned intellectuals, such as those from the “Frankfurt School”, to easily pillage from his works (especially those from his most manifestly Marxist period) without ever giving a nod of acknowledgement to Reich and, moreover, without anyone ever realizing that fact.”

“In 1929 Dialectical Materialism and Psychoanalysis by Wilhelm Reich was published, both in German and in Russian in the bilingual communist theory journal Unter dem Banner des Marxismus. As the end of this line of thought can be considered Otto Fenichel’s article Psychoanalysis as the nucleus of a future dialectical-materialistic psychology which appeared in 1934 in Wilhelm Reich’s Journal Zeitschrift für Politische Psychologie und Sexualökonomie. One member of the Berlin group of Marxist psychoanalysts around Wilhelm Reich was Erich Fromm, who later brought Freudo-Marxist ideas into the exiled Frankfurt School led by Max Horkheimer and Theodor W. Adorno.

Freudo-Marxism is a loose designation for philosophies that have been informed by or have attempted to synthesize the works of Karl Marx and the psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud.”

“In the summer of 1950-51, numerous member of the A.C.C.(Allied Control Council) and other interested people held a series of meetings in the Ironworkers’ Hall with a view to forming a downtown political society. Here a division developed between a more radical wing (including e.g. Waters and Grahame Harrison) and a more conservative wing (including e.g. Stove and Eric Dowling). The general orientation of these meetings may be judged from the fact that when Harry Hooton proposed “Anarchist” and some of the conservative proposed “Democratic” as the name for the new Society, both were rejected and “Libertarian Society” was adopted as an acceptable title. Likewise then accepted as the motto for this Society – and continued by the later Libertarian society – was the early Marx quotation used by Wilhelm Reich as the motto for his The Sexual Revolution, vis: “Since it is not for us to create a plan for the future that will hold for all time, all the more surely what we contemporaries have to do is the uncompromising critical evaluation of all that exists, uncompromising in the sense that our criticism fears neither its own results nor the conflict with the powers that be.” “SYDNEY LIBERTARIANISM & THE PUSH” by A.J. Baker, in Broadsheet, No 81, March, 1975. (abridged)

The Allied Control Council or Allied Control Authority, known in the German language as the Alliierter Kontrollrat and also referred to as the Four Powers (German: Vier Mächte), was a military occupation governing body of the Allied Occupation Zones in Germany and Austria after the end of World War II in Europe. The members were the Soviet Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom; France was later added with a vote, but had no duties. The organization was based in Berlin-Schöneberg. The Council was convened to determine several plans for post-War Europe, including how to change borders and transfer populations in Eastern Europe and Germany.

In 1929, Wilhelm Reich lectured on “Psychoanalysis as a natural science” before the Communist Academy in Moscow; he was the only Freudian-trained Central European psychoanalyst to do so. That same year, his article “Dialectical materialism and psychoanalysis” was published in the Academy’s journal, Under the Banner of Marxism, in both Moscow and Berlin.

In 1931/32 a number of psychoanalysts from the Frankfurt Institute of Psychoanalysis and others who were acquainted with members of the Institut began to work systematically with the Institute. These included Franz Borkenau, Erich Fromm, Wilhelm Reich, Karl Landauer and Heinrich Meng.

“…I have carried the bourgeois “preconditionless” science ad absurdum, have done authentic scientific work of my own and have thereby done a Service to the working-class movement and not to political reaction; for Marxist science is nothing other than the incorruptible exposure of relations and connections as they really are.”  -Wilhelm Reich, 1972

“There is one further point on which I am obliged to contradict Fromm and others who approve of my views on other matters. Fromm considers that I am wrong to deny that the psychoanalytical method can be applied to social phenomena, such as strikes, etc. Other Marxist friends have argued that the psychoanalytical method can be applied to social phenomena because in its fundamental features it is a dialectical-materialist method.”

Reich, W., 1972: Dialectical Materialism and Psychoanalysis,
In: W. Reich, Sex-Pol. Essays 1929-1934, ed. by L. Baxandall, New York
(Vintage Books) 1972, pp. 65-69 [= REICH,W., 1929]


Wilhelm Reich: A Rolemodel for Pedophiles

Allen Ginsberg, an admitted advocate for pederasty, was strongly influenced by Reich, among many other pedophiles.

“Ginsberg was a supporter and member of North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), a pedophilia and pederasty advocacy organization in the United States that works to abolish age of consent laws and legalize sexual relations between adults and children,[98] saying that “Attacks on NAMBLA stink of politics, witchhunting for profit, humorlessness, vanity, anger and ignorance … I’m a member of NAMBLA, because I love boys too — everybody does, who has a little humanity.” -wikipedia

“Similar to Reich, he fought for the “genital rights” of adolescents:

“Another interesting thing about Reich is that he murdered a patient of his with whom he was having an affair by botching an abortion attempt.

“Wilhelm Reich was the cornerstone of the intellectual foundation of “the sexual revolution”.  A jew who was born in the part of Austria-Hungary that is now the Ukraine, he attended the University of Vienna where he became one of Freud’s disciples.  After visiting the Soviet Union he became more convinced of the link between sexual and economic oppression, and of the need to integrate Marx and Freud.  He initially wrote a well known article titled: “Dialectical Materialism and Psychoanalysis”, and then went on to write several major treatises: The Imposition of Sexual Morality (1932), The Sexual Struggle of Youth (1932), The Mass Psychology of Fascism (1933), “What is Class Consciousness?” (1934) and The Sexual Revolution (1936)

“His ideas found fertile ground among three very notable people (among others):  Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and William Burroughs.  These three people strongly influenced the people at Pacifica’s pilot station: KPFA, who strongly influenced the kids at Berkeley.  All of this started laying the groundwork for the sexual revolution as early as the late 50s.  It is all in the pamphlet: “Protocols for Kids””

In Conclusion

Wilhelm Reich, Sigmund Freud, and all the other perverted sickos of their time laid the foundation of where our society is at today.  Although commonly held in high esteem in the New Age circles, this kook helped mold the mind of the masses, leading us down a lascivious road of moral decay and sexual degeneracy.

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  1. I think this interpretation goes a little too far….
    While it is possible that sexual liberation was enabling sexual abuse, it is quite a different story to suggest that it was an intentional step toward political and mind control….
    Any new idea – any progress can lead to unintended consequences and abuse, but that does not invalidate the initial intent of such ideas….. it calls for reform and for a tear-down of a status that enables excesses toward the extreme, it requires learning from the experience what went awry and a new attempt at enabling and realizing the initial intent with safeguards and improvements in place to ensure there won’t be repeat occurrences of the abuse…..
    Maybe I’m too naive, but similarly to this analysis, I also don’t think that the era of globalization will come to an end simply, because international bodies that exist today are mired in bureaucracy with corruption and abuse thriving…. it simply is a call to create a new, better and improved international, global structure that seeks to protect welfare for all….. It’s not that the rule of law and democracy are steps toward a conspiracy that enables bullying and wealth transfer to the very few – rather I believe that the concepts are still valid and true and need to be defended and strengthened to make them work for all!
    The same goes for sexual liberation – it should be an understood natural right for everybody to experience in situations of mutual consent while at the same time honoring and respecting everyone’s free will. Sexuality is not a power game founded on bullying of the physically stronger party…. it’s a seductive play of conquering and winning (or losing) on the merit of offering self!

  2. Como decía mi abuelo que decía uno en su pueblo, y que se comía los mocos:

    “Es cuestión de gustos”. O en este caso, de opiniones…cada quien sus nalgas.

  3. Interesting analysis of Wilhelm Reich, but you shouldn’t have associated “orgonite” with him. Reich worked with orgone accumulators, not “orgonite”.

  4. Your full of shit.

  5. Groups in Telegram are saying he cured cancer and all sorts of diseases with his orgone accumulator box

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