To the Moon!

NASA supposedly landed on the moon six times between 1969 and 1972. While that is debatable, there is a lot to learn by understanding that awesome bright nightlight in the sky.

Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven

Six is a number that pops up a lot when examining the moon:

We landed on it six times.
The moon supposedly has about 1/6th the gravity of Earth.
Its diameter is 6! + 6! + 6! in miles. That is 720 + 720 + 720   (2160)
2160 is also 6 x 6 x 60
Remember this is according to NASA (not. a. scientist. around.)

The number 27.3 is also a lunar phenomenon

A square behind a circle has exactly 27.3% more area.
27.3 is the number that *squares the circle
According to NASA, the Moon is 27.3% the size of Earth.
The moon also takes 27.3 days to orbit EarthIt’s said that the moon is in some type of gravitational lock with Earth, which is why we only see one side.
Who knows, but it’s pretty cool!

From our vantage point, the sun and moon are the same size in the sky. They say this is because the sun is 400 times larger, and the moon is 400 times closer. I don’t know about that; I’m skeptical.

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  1. Really interesting article, would give it 6/5 stars if possible! Do you also have any knowledge or references on hystorical symbolism of the moon?

  2. “The moon is 27.3% smaller than Earth according to NASA”, would that not be instead the moon is 27.3% the size of the earth?

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