How To Win An Argument Every Time

Step 1. Purposefully misinterpret the opponent’s argument to make it easier to attack. 

Step 2. Use emotion to your advantage.  Turn the opponent into a villain by making their opinion seem inherently ignoble and cruel. 

Step 3. Call them an idiot.


Step 4. Appeal to the crowd.  If most people agree with you, then you’re most definitely right. 

Step 5. Ask for evidence for opponent’s claims.  If they have any, ignore it.  If forced to look at evidence, ridicule their credentials instead of investigating the claim objectively. 

Step 6. When asked for evidence to show that you are correct, just say it’s obvious and everyone already knows x or y is true. Step 3 can be used in conjunction with this step. 

Step 7. Use an exception to prove the rule. Smoking is healthy because my grandmother died at 104 and smoked her entire life. 

Step 8. Tell them they are ignorant at best, and intellectually dishonest at worse. 

Step 9. Insist their argument is disingenuous because nobody could be that stupid. 

Step 10. Call them a butthole and move on with your life.  

Joe Dubs

I write about philosophy, geometry, health, politics and other stuff that interests me.

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  1. Joe Dubs, you already know this, but what does it feel like to have the best website in the world wide web world? Thank You and your other writers and thinkers. I share your articles and opines often. I like when someone has the audacity and IQ, to spead truth and light in a world devoid of the means to innerstand it. Connecting the dots mostly to the choir, but the choir thanks you! Cheers!

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