The History of Infectious Disease by Stefan Lanka

Dr. Stefan Lanka: The history of infection theory
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The title of Lanka’s original video is “Grippepandemie und Tamiflu” copy here. Dokuments: klein-klein-media.deTranslation from German and original subtitled video credit: Sacha Dobler, AbruptEarthChanges.comMy name is Stefan Lanka, I am a biologist and virologist. I discovered the first virus, which was in the ocean. That’s how I became involved in this matter. First, I recognized that this virus doesn’t cause any harm. Secondly, the Austrian professor Fritz Pol alerted me to the fact, that something was wrong with the entire AIDS affair and the virus might not even exist at all. I checked this and realized, that was indeed the case. I thought this couldn’t be and I remained silent for half a year, for I assumed, I misunderstand something. I couldn’t imagine that the entire world would go along with this.”

2:00 Then I started researching and became involved in the infection theory. I realized that everything was wrong, it initially started with an error, that then turned into fraud, political fraud already under Otto von Bismarck, this can easily be proven and reconstructed. This fraudulent concept was abandoned after World War II, then reestablished by the Americans in order to provoke fear and to conduct population control.

Copy of the translated video:

2:45 Further, I recognized, as I will demonstrate here, how the infection theory gave rise to the gene theory and the so-called molecular technology and gene manipulation and -technology. Today’s model of the infection theory is used in the form of vaccines, of fear from material contagion, in the form of pandemics, just as in the current one, which is predicted to erupt any moment, or it will erupt in the second phase or even later and that it will then be encountered with the drug called Tamiflu. Incidentally, Tamiflu stands for toxic amiflue, there was an apparent glitch in the naming process of this chemo-therapeutic drug.


I’m going to tell the story, how everything developed, in order for you to comprehend, how an error turned into a fraud, a fraud turned into a crime, and how through the industrialization of this crime, the madness developed, a kind of madness that endangers all of us, the entire human race.


We begin at a point in history of ancient Greece there this concept infection developed. It is the basis of today’s system of medicine that is ruled by systematic fighting and poisoning. It is also why we are supposed to swallow Tamiflu even preemptively and, after the pandemic is declared, it should be take in large quantities.


Before we delve into ancient Greece: Goethe tried to warn of the 2006 influence pandemic, and also of AIDS and of the swallowing of Tamiflu. He did this in Faust I, not in the first edition, that went through censorship, not in the second, but in the third or fourth edition he included this essential passage, in which he describes how even back then a single doctor killed thousands of people:

First he describes in alchemist’s language, how the Tamiflu and chemotherapy of his time was produced: organic mercury compounds, mixed with sirup, Latwergen stands for sirup mixtures, and these will be the hellish Latwergen in alchemistic language and how they were produced. Here are the important lines:

Here was the medicine: the patients died.

No one asked: who recovered?

(Here was the Tamiflu, the patients died (will die?)

And no one asked: who recovered? No one asked: is the theory correct? Does the virus exist at all? )

So we roamed, with our hellish pills,                                                    

Among the valleys and the hills,

Worse than the pestilence (plague) itself we were.

And we’ll treat the black plague also, a political disease just as AIDS, influenza, SARS, BSE, just as small pox, the collective term of leprosy, from which black plague was derived, and also the collective term of polio.

I myself have poisoned thousands: that’s quite clear:

And now from the withered old must hear

How men praise shameless murderers.  

Goethe. He has not been taken seriously ’till today.

Whenever there is a tsunami or an earthquake, I think to myself: Goethe is speaking again. For he warned and this warning was dismissed.


How did it get to this, what is the mistake, the overall false assumption? The general false assumption, on which the entire western academic medicine is based on, is this: In the frameworks of the doctrine of juices, it was believed that disease was brought about by an unbalance of juices or fluids in the body. We have many different fluids in the body, about 270 different types, in the joints, in the eye, sweat glands, digestive glands, fluids of the inner ear, brain fluids,spinal fluids and so on. It was assumed that a non-equilibrium of juices would lead to the development of disease-causing toxins. And it was believed from experience, that the administration of small amounts of poisons would cause in the body the reaction of production of an antidote, anti-poison. This idea derived from the experience with the cell toxin alcohol. Consumed in small quantities it can be fun, it can also diminish anxieties and the like, but if a young person who never had been in contact with alcohol, drinks half a bottle of liquor, when he is paralyzed enough to not be able to spit, then his stomach must be pumped empty, otherwise he dies of alcohol poisoning. Jelzin and others, they make world politics after two liters.

08:12 This observation was the basis premise : to ingest a poison little by little. You can try it yourself, quit drinking alcohol for half a year, and then drink two glasses of wine, you’ll almost fall over. But not because the body made the anti-poison, but because the body is trained, it has prepared the enzymes to quickly process and neutralize and excrete the alcohol. This doctrine of juices in this form is the explicit basis of the entire western academic medicine, including the false believe in an immune system. Why?

They believed, that a disease-causing poison could develop, and if one preemptively took a poison, then the body would make an anti-poison, so one would obtain immunity. And whenever the disease-causing poison arrives, then I’m already invulnerable.

That’s why Rasputin and Napoleon (this can be measured in the hair) frequently took different kinds of toxins in small quantities in order to be immune against a poison attack. But then in the 19th century, when it was possible to detect small amounts of toxins, it was found that in no illness, toxins can be detected. In non of them, until today.

9:56 So the theory proved to be wrong. But the entire thinking was based on it, that means to give mercury compounds preemptively, as in Goethe’s times, so whenever the disease-causing toxin comes about in form of an epidemic, the person is already invulnerable. This perception of epidemics already developed in the history of ancient Greece. It was claimed that the illness demon would possess and defile a person. From this, the Greek word miasma is derived. Defilement, one is tarnished by the illness demon and one can transmit the disease to others. The disease demon infects me, reproduces within me, and can be passed on to others and disease-causing toxins would be produced. That’s why anti-poisons are administered preemptively, just as Goethe describes it, and the survivors applauded.

And now from the withered old must hear

How men praise shameless murderers.

As It were, Goethe revived Paracelsus in the figure of Faust, but he is ashamed of having been celebrated by peasants before, as they call after him: “You saved our lives!“ but thousands perished. He was ashamed of this and sat down with his Atlantus Wagner on this certain rock near the village and meditates and recounts what he did, and what his father had done.


It had been observed that bacteria produce toxins. This was investigated, and they were all very certain, that bacteria could only produce toxins in the dead body.

That is because bacteria run their metabolism in an aerobic environment and produce substances in the intestines during digestion such as necessary vitamins. But when these bacteria are deprived of oxygen, which is the case in a dead body after a couple of days, then a few of them can survive, they change their metabolism. Just as the yeast changes its metabolism under exclusion of oxygen to produce the toxic alcohol, in this way these bacteria produce their toxins, but only under complete exclusion of oxygen.

13:03 This was well known, bacteria cannot be the cause of disease. Professor Henle further solidified this knowledge, he phrased his postulates and said: If you claim that bacteria can be transmitted and then produce their poisons, then you need to identify that bacterium in every case of a disease, which you claim was caused by this bacterium. And that was not the case. Bacteria are only insufficiently identifiable in a test-tube, it can be done only with a few of them. Of all bacteria, which we know based on their performance, only about 2 % are cultivatable and multipliable. And what is defined as a bacterium in the laboratory is not the same as the original bacterium outside. Why?

14:11 Because the idea of bacteria in the lab representing one single type, is a laboratory artifact. For, bacteria exchange information among one another continuously and they change their form and function. This was recently confirmed in a large study: bacteria, as individual as they are in terms of their biochemistry, they are very similar in terms of their nucleic acid. They adapt. If we extract a bacterium and cultivate it in isolation, it looses its properties after some time and it can’t survive. Thus, I must produce a large quantity of them, freeze them and then I always work with those. But this already constitutes a massive intervention into nature, and doesn’t represent the reality of bacteria exchanging their information amongst one another, and thus the definition of types that was imposed on them, was not scientifically justifiable. That was the first problem. For instance, they didn’t manage to find the famous tuberculosis bacterium, the cultivation of which was successfully done by Robert Koch: It could only be found in about half the cases. That remains the same to the present day.


The second Henle Postulate states: this isolated pathogen must be observed, in case of a bacterium it must be multiplied, and it must be observed whether or not it can do what is assigned to it. In all these experiments they found, the bacteria couldn’t produce toxins in the living organism, only after a few days in the dead body, after an animal or human died. That was also determined, throughout the entire scientific community without exception.


Henle formulated the third Postulate, which states: Then, the pathogen that was isolated and multiplied, must be injected into an organism and the same disease must develop. And this has never happened, never ever.

17:00 But how did it happen, that suddenly Robert Koch was celebrated as the discoverer of the transmissibility of diseases? That is the question.

17:03 The question is easily answered. Robert Koch deserved reputation for having managed to make photography adaptable to visual microscopy and to make photographs of bacteria. Photography itself had been rediscovered in Europa in 1885. This brought him much reputation deservedly. Photography was considered to be sacred, no one could imagine that a negative could be retouched, that double exposures could be used, that it could be manipulated. It was deemed as inherently scientific and objective. They simply made claims along with photography, and this acted in a very hypnotic way, much like television today, so people just accepted these claims.


He simply photographed bacteria that can be found everywhere. From this, two different concepts derived.

Of course, these bacteria don’t cause disease, but the Third Postulate (which states bacteria much cause the same disease) was violated by Koch, he introduced the scientific fraud, that plays the central role until today, in cases like AIDS, vaccination, influenza pandemic, and so on including Tamiflu.

18:41 He said, the inoculation of the test animal with this bacteria culture leads to the development of a SIMILAR illness. Not the same, but a SIMILAR illness. And this is one of the general acts of fraud of the entire infection theory: development of a SIMILAR illness.

Read for yourself, that’s homework number one, don’t just believe me, go the library, read what Robert Koch did.

Anthrax, just one example: he kills mice with corps toxins. This corps poison you can make at home: leave a potato salad standing outside in the summer for a weak, spoiled egg meal, bacteria spores are floating in the air everywhere, they settle, grow, reproduce, they consume the oxygen. They transfer into the anaerobic state, mostly in the centre of the potato salad or the egg meal or in a dead body. And then, toxins are produced. The toxins themselves they can kill, if this is fed to a person little by little, and the foulness is covered up with strong spices or taste enhancers. In his way, a person can be chronically poisoned, or be caused to suffer severe diarrhea and cramps.


Koch produces these toxins in a meat broth, as you can replicate at home, he injects them into the vein of a mouse, the mouse dies, the milt is swollen, he extracts the milt of the mouse, and transplants it under the  skin of a frog. The frog convulses and dies and this is called skin anthrax. Robert Koch, scientific fraud.

20:42 Now you can imagine which animal experiments were made to claim lung anthrax. The milt of the killed mouse was implanted into the lungs of the frog. That is what is done until the present day, that is what is done in the influenza pandemic: Animals are being killed with incisions of the trachea, liquids are inserted continuously, the animals die, and then it is claimed, it was the virus. You can study this on our influenza virus information flyer, which is attached to this file. On this you will find the literature on how they operate concerning influenza. No control group animals, if they were to inject ordinary liquids into the animals, the exact same were to happen.

21:32 The second thing that was derived from Germany and Robert Koch, was this: Robert Koch relied on new colorants to be ably to dye bacteria. And naturally, he received these dyes from the colorant industry. Then, all other medical researcher took the same colorants, took healthy tissue, they acidified the tissue and discovered they had the same coloring reaction and the exact same bacteria can be seen and photographed, just as Robert Koch did.


But then they also discovered, these dyes killed bacteria by making holes in them, they inhibit the DNA of the bacteria, these can no longer reproduce, the bacteria die. From this, antibiotics were derived, from colorants. BASF, BAYER, IG Farben, Hoechst, Merk and so on.

The pharma- industry was derived from colorant manufacturers based on the infection hypothesis. The American capital built up their parallel structures in Switzerland, in order to keep up with the revolutionary knowledge of the Germans, who were assumed to be capable of having something important just as the H. Bosch process, were nitrogen is extracted from air. By this, the Germans no longer relied on importing sodium nitrate from Chile for bombs and grenades, as the oceans were blocked. That’s the historic background.

23:24 But why did the German government employ Robert Koch? He already had to flee from Berlin before because he had killed thousand with his magic drug tuberculin against tuberculosis. This drug’s ingredients were kept secret against the law. He fled, Otto von Bismarck called him back, he desperately needed a pretext against the British who had seized the Suez canal illegally and thus had significant military and political advantages, for they didn’t have to sail around Africa, but they came through the Suez canal from India with their troops and goods, such as spices, serving as anti-oxidants, and the like and they sailed through the calm Mediterran sea. The German tried to deprive the English form this advantage with the allegation they were bringing home anthrax, smallpox, the black pledge from India. Thus, quarantine was demanded, they weren’t allowed to dock at any Mediterranean port and at Gibraltar they were shot at. Therefore, Robert Koch, who was on the run, was called back and was offered 100,000 Reichsmark in order to create the argument that the English would bring in black plague, small pox and anthrax, the latter we already discussed. We noted, that this colorant business lead to the emergence of antibiotics, later to the chemotherapy and the weaponized gasses, including the pharma- industry with its entire capital, with more revenue then all military budgets globally combined.

25:18 Robert Koch committed scientific fraud by not upholding the first postulate. He could cultivate some bacteria, which he didn’t find in every case of a disease. This is still done in the same way today. He could never reproduce the disease as in the third postulate, and neither could he again isolate the same pathogen from these organisms. That is the date when the brutal animal experiments were introduced.

26:02 How did the idea of a virus come to life? Koch’s French counterpart was Luis Pasteur, scientific fraudster employed by the French, as the French were at war with Germany in 1872.

The dead were later declared as victims of a small pox epidemic. The Germans claimed it came from France, the French said it came from Germany. Pasteur, knew from Bechamp and other scientist, what bacteria could do and what they couldn’t do, he first denied the new knowledge in order to play along with the church, he claimed he had proven the primordial creation, only to later take a reverse stand, once he was employed by the state, he said it was all wrong, bacteria are in a continuum, there are spores, they cannot be created in the primordial soup. Pasteur sold these insights as his own, but he knew what bacteria can and what they cannot do, and has earned some merits for this.

27:16 But the same Pasteur, who knew, that bacteria cannot cause diseases, applied a trick. In order to maintain the model of the doctrine of juices and disease, which the entire western medicine is based on, a disease-causing toxin had to be postulated.

Especially since this concept of pandemics had been used many times to suppress upheavals, to control starvation situations and so on.

It all started, with the early Vatican creating fear of diseases, by claiming the disease is coming from the disease demon, just as in ancient Greece. Thus, in order to establish total control, the early Vatican claimed that illness was a punishment by God.

28:26 This concept was interrupted for a few years by the Stauffers, when emperor Otto, at the re-foundation of the Holy Roman Empire on Jan 1st, 1000 AD employed the French Humanist Gerbert de Aureac for the purpose of establishing a medical system, which was obviously not present before.

For, the military faction, the western Roman wing, had separated from Rome, that is well known. They had only military knowledge, but no technical knowledge, they were separated from the universities and culture. The early gothic was able to build small windows only, no tall buildings, the building plans were useless, whenever the knowledge of craftsmen and engineers, which always must go together, didn’t converge. This is visible in early gothic architecture.

29:33 So, they recruited Gerbert de Aureac, alias Pope Silvester. He brought in the Arabs in each garrison from which the monasteries were derived from, with the aim to obtain the ancient knowledge of the Chinese via the Arabs, who themselves had further developed medicine. For, in China the concept of contagion didn’t exist, there is the concept of too much and too little energy, there is the influence, latin influenza, by the decrease and increase of light and warmth in spring and autumn, but the idea of contagion plays no role.

Contagion is not part of arjuvedic medicine. The concept of contagion is typically war- oriented, European.


The idea of disease being something vile was already retracted from by Galenus, the great physician of Marcus Aurelius. He refrained from this concept and stated that they had recognized: it wasn’t sin that makes people sick, but rather that diseas may cause sins.  And today, if we think about the insights of German New Medicine by Dr. Hamer, this is becoming very up to date. We find psychoses, that can be visualized in CT scans, as a result of diverse constellations, that is, activities in the brain in different locations and sudden alterations from mania to depression and other properties.

Gerbert de Aureac again pursued this (oriental) approach and the foundation of the empire was humane. However, this was quickly changed to the contrary, when Pope Silvester died a few years later.  After this, health tribunals were installed throughout the entire Holy Roman Empire of German Nations.


The Vatican didn’t manage to confiscate all the documents in all archives from this time, especially in the later protestant regions.

From these city chronicles and book we learn that there were health tribunals in the entire Holy Roman Empire, headed by a priest, accompanied by community or city councilors, and they decided who was a sacred sick person, or who was an evil sick person, who was punished by god and therefore needed to be expelled. The German word for leprosy is Aussatz, which means to cast away.

This leprosy/ expulsion- concept is identical in all regions in which the data was preserved throughout the Holy Roman Empire in the beginning of the 11th century. The definition included natural illnesses such as hair loss, acne zits, swellings and so on, but it also included trickier diagnoses such as the claim someone had a nightmare. He might have called out in his sleep or the like, and even more wicked (this could be called the first AIDS test in medieval times): goose bumps as a reaction to a draft. That was a criterium to be expelled, the person was tattooed (marked), received the last oiling, and was forced to leave all inhabited territories, and was forbidden to come near a settlement the by threat of death penalty.


That was the leprosy concept (i.e. Aussatz, expulsion) beginning with the 11th century. Then, after the onset of the Small Ice Age in 1308, when great pressure of migration from the north arrived, as the northern apple and wheat plantations became less productive due to severe cold, large tensions, hunger catastrophes and so on, arose in the new Holy Roman Empire of German Nations. Especially after the strong earthquake with epicenter in Friuli of 1348, which devastated many Mediterranean cIties. This was interpreted by the orthodox as a proof of the antichrist, as law and order collapsed because the central hub of global trade, Venice, as well as all trade lines and currencies, also collapsed. At this point, this exact concept with the exact same disease definition was adapted by the priests and city officials, to declare entire groups of the population as punished by god and they were claimed to have the black plague. Entire city quarters were quarantined, put under lock down, starved to death, slaughtered and poisoned, just as Goethe describes it.


They simply renamed Leprosy into black plague. Later, as the Vatican’s power of definition was reduced by national revolutions, French Revolution, American Revolution, the same concept was renamed into small pox, but the same principle remained. Today, it is carried on in unacceptable disease definitions such as AIDS. At any rate, the public was terrified to no ends, whenever epidemics were declared, for this meant they could be put into quarantine, they could be killed, they could be forced to take medications, just as Goethe described. Meanwhile, thousands died because there was no food, there were social upheavals. And the survivors applauded. This medical system was always immediately repressive in times of crisis and in its history it always regarded disease as something vile, evil: the illness demon, that takes hold of someone and grows and rages like a cancer, and above all, can even be spread and transmitted to others like an evil spell, the disease demon. This fear was extremely ingrained in society, and the medical system, from which the pharma industry as the most powerful entity on this planet, arose, will not give up this power on their own account. For this, we need to become active citizens.

For this, I will provide you with more information. The idea of a virus was realized, and from this idea the field of gene technology was derived.


To pick up with Pasteur again: Pasteur knew that bacteria could not cause diseases, period. Enough studies and experiments were conducted and published in Germany and elsewhere, among other by Max von Pettenkofer, who demonstrated what cholera was and how cholera was easily prevented.

Pasteur worked on contract to find an argument to not let the English through the Mediterranean Sea, he came up with the idea to claim there was a new pathogen, and this one would make its disease-toxins also in the living human body and this he called: poison! Latin: virus.

37:22 That was the idea. He said it is a thousand times smaller then bacteria, we use such dense filters where bacteria can’t pass through. He presses the liquid, the poison from a dead animal, through the filter, he injects the liquid into the brain of a dog that was tied onto a pole vertically. He used a third of the volume of the dogs brain, the liquid comes out the over side, the dog convulses, barks, foams from the mouth and dies. That was called rabies, that’s what Pasteur did.


Pasteur also claimed to have the antidote to his virus, to push the vaccine concept. This vaccination agenda was propagated primarily in France, for the Germans had their antibiotics and chemotherapy. Pasteur committed fraud in all his undertakings. But he was humane enough to document his deceits in diaries parallel to his primary lab books. He decreed that these records must never be publicized. His family naturally obtained great wealth. But the last male ancestor of Pasteur didn’t obey to that decree and leaked the records to the Princeton university and in 1993 Professor Gerard Geisson published an analysis in the English language that revealed that Pasteur had committed massive fraud in all his studies. For instance, vaccinated animals, if they survived, had not been poisoned, the control group animals that died without vaccines were poisoned massively and so on. That was Pasteur.


Pasteur is the inventor of the idea of a smaller pathogen that cannot be seen in the optical microscope, but that always makes its poison, the disease- causing poison. This supported the standard model of illness which was use for centuries, a model that is based on the premise of war, not on the premise of symbiosis, as is the real workings of Nature. In order to solidify this model and to have political leverage against England, Pasteur postulates the idea of a virus. But Pasteur didn’t anticipate that there would be a microscope in the future, an electron microscope, which has a much higher magnification as the optical microscope, that would allow to see small structures not visible before.

And with this electron microscope, available to science after WW II, it was possible to visualize structures one thousands of the size of a bacterium. They observed spores, that were still capable of staying alive. It was recognized that bacteria generate spores, when they die slowly. If they die rapidly, when they are for example heated or dried out, then they produce even smaller particles that can’t live by themselves, but they consist of proteins and bear a nucleic acid in the center, and they will provide other bacteria, the ones that survived, with nutrients, so the latter can overcome the crisis situation.

41:22 This was observed in the cases of bacteria, in other very simple organisms, in fungi, in amoeba. In my own research, I first found it in a very simple algae from the ocean. But it was never observed in a human or animal or plant. You can verify this with little effort.

beginning of part2

42:40 As a first step, you can check the virus question by asking: How are viruses detected nowadays?

If a virologist claims he isolated an influenza virus, then he refers to the chicken egg and the chicken embryo, as we can see in the media for the planning for the current H1N1 influenza pandemic. They work with chicken eggs, they kill chicken embryos, that’s the modern form of animal tests. This method goes back to Robert Koch. If the embryo dies, they say it was a virus and that they had isolated the virus. They took something from a diseased animal or a human, they inject it into the egg and then, depending on how the embryo dies, on what location it is becoming spotted first, they will claim it was this type of virus or that one. That is proclaimed to be isolation, when chicken embryos are killed.

42:44 Needless to say, there is no control group: if you inject a sterile solution of the same amount, the chicken embryo dies as well.

You can also verify it by taking a look at the photos that claim to depict viruses and you will find they are identical with images from completely normal cells, that is with electron micrographs from normal cells. Here, we see a section from the centre of a cell, which is very productive, the so-called Golgi apparatus, that produces various substances, and these are separated in small vesicles, they are all of different sizes, but they have no nucleic acid within them.


A larger fat particle is called a small pox virus, here we see the bacteria within the cells, the mitochondria, which process the oxygen, here we see two small ones. These particles are mitochondria, a muscle cell has 1000, a liver cell has 2000 mitochondria, and these were extracted from the cell in a thin cross section, embedded in artificial resin and cut in a very thin slice with a diamond blade. When they are protruded with an electron beam, we see the cap of such a mitochondrion. And such particles are then sold as virus without ever having isolated them, without having shown them in an isolated condition, in order to demonstrate that these look identical to what is shown in the photo of the cell.


Here, for instance, the photo that circulated as the photo of HIV, published by Montagnier. Here, we see how particles are excreted or absorbed from the cell into or out of the cell cavity. In biology, we call this endocytosis or exocytosis. Whenever something goes into or out of the cell liquid. This has nothing to do with particles that have a stable structure, that carry nucleic acid within them, that can leave the organism, such as the viruses or bacteria, that are called phages, or with the things I discovered in the ocean, they are harmless.

These particles here are normal components of cells.

In the case of the funny photos that are presented as influenza virus: these are simply mixtures of fats and proteins. If these are shaken in an ultrasound bath and then visualized (they decompose quickly) they don’t have an nucleic acid and they are of various sizes.

That’s how you can tell fraud.


Further, they don’t even claim that they observed this within the cells or that the particles were isolated.

What is striking in the current swine flue pandemic: they are trying to present more pictures of particles that are more or less equally shaped.

You can reseach this by demanding a scientific publication, in which it is proven and documented that the virus exists, it was seen in the organism, it was isolated from the organism, purified from all foreign components.

Just as on world savings day [or when you fill out your Tax form], your Euros must be isolated, buttons and chewing-gums are not excepted.

Then the isolated particles must be analyzed biochemically. In the first step, a scientific publication can be recognized in the title of the scientific journal and of course the two dates, first the date of submission of the paper to the editor and second the date when it was checked and accepted by three work group, that were not previously know to the authors…

I have not been able to determine if or when I will have the time to translate the second part of the presentation. If it will be completed, I will link to it on this article.

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