Everyday Is Opposite Day: The Systematic Inversion of our Topsy-Turvy World

Our world is stood on its head. What’s good is bad, and what’s bad is good. What is magnanimous is ignoble. Our ostensibly altruistic intent leads to unambiguously abominable outcomes. We think we are being a good person while we regularly carry out the deeds of Satan, usually ostentatiously.

Our society is drifting away from righteousness and entering the dark realms of Pharisaism. What is black is white; what is darkness is light. Everyday is opposite day. The truth is systematically inverted.

Feminists are not feminine. Men are not manly. Homosexuality is ‘cool’, cis-genders are ‘gay‘, but gays are not happy.

Cholesterol repairs -not clogs- our arteries.  Fat makes you skinny, and low fat foods make you fat.  Veganism destroys the planet and kills more animals than a carnivorous diet. Exactly the opposite of what we’re told.

opposite day truth joedubs

Plant oils cause heart disease, not saturated fats from animals.  Chemotherapy and radiation don’t cure cancer, but are a cause of it. Vaccines cause disease.  Fluoride rots your teeth.  Wealth is not happiness, and health is anything other than allopathic.

‘Nice’ is not cordial, but foolish and senseless.  Today we are conditioned to believe that love for your own people is xenophobic, racist, and bigoted. Love is now literally hate. Our ethos is topsy-turvy.

Prestigious universities should teach us the truth not deception. Medical schools should teach nutrition. It’s awfully nice of us to march to the scholastic beat of Pink Floyd’s proverbial hammers.

White is Black when it comes to privilege, but pointing this out is sacrilege. Blacks have privilege, not Whites. On the flip-side, reverse racism is just plain racism. Whites ended slavery; they didn’t start it. In fact, the word ‘slave’ comes from the early Eastern European “Slav”.

Minorities are the majority, but instead of relabeling them what they have recently becomethe new majority -, they are “majority minorities”.

The Crusades were a defensive reaction to years of rape and murder, not an offensive oppression of innocent Muslims.

What is taught in our tricky universities is usually a 180° inversion of the truth. Colonialism, on the whole, vastly improved the societies in which they took place, but you won’t hear about this from your brainwashed anti-white professor.

Islam is the religion of anything but peace. JudeoChristianity is an oxymoron, a combination of terms that are opposed to one another. Judaism came out of Christianity, not the other way around.  And of course, Jewish people are a persecuted class that never did anything wrong.  Truth is hate to those that hate the truth. Understanding just a pittance will turn your world upside down.

Low IQ epithets like racist, bigot, and xenophobe might be hurled your way for speaking up on such controversial subjects.

Sometimes certain facts appear racist on the surface, but does that make them any less true? Our myopia and fear of being called names impedes us from investigating his-story to find out what actually happened in our distant past, as well as the ongoing injustice of the present.

The global elite, in their diabolic deception, deceive the world to see truth as hate, and love as animosity. As a deliberate consequence, those who speak up are called nasty names.  What better way to occult the truth than to turn it upside down, invert it completely, and outcast those that speak it as conspiracy theorists, heretics, and haters?

Joe Dubs

I write about philosophy, geometry, health, politics and other stuff that interests me.


  1. Awesome post 🙂 I’ve also noticed the well-calculated backwardness of our world. Gonna take me a minute to read all the links 🙂

  2. I’ve never seen a post full of so many errors, honestly.
    You have clearly not considered that farm animals eat crops, way more crops than humans eat, so there are a lot more “crop kills” in the chain of meat and dairy production. The US could feed an estimated 350-400 million additional people if they would feed their crops to humans instead of farm animals.
    For example, it takes 16kg of oats to produce 1kg of beef.
    A huge amount of calories are lost in the transformation to meat.

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