Old Movies Warning US About Communism

In the nineteen forties and fifties a constant surge of movies came out warning the public of the communistic infiltration of America. The following are some of these films, most of which are available to watch for free on youtube, which warned us of this upcoming invasion.

“1950s science-fiction films have been notoriously interpreted as allegories about the fear of Communism that was rampant throughout the politics of the decade.

There are a number of fascinating examples where the Reds Under the Bed scare was made overt and Red Planet Mars is the most notorious of these. Other examples include The Whip Hand (1951) about a small town housing a Communist fifth column planning to unleash a deadly virus; Invasion USA (1952) about a Russian nuclear attack on the USA; The 27th Day (1957), which had an alien race giving five people each a box that could destroy the world, followed by an international manhunt to obtain the boxes, ending with the boxes being opened and sparing those who sought to use them for good and destroying those who did not – the Soviets; and Rocket Attack USA (1958), a documentary that railed loudly in the need to build a strong defense force against the Russian menace.”


The Red Menace (1949)

An ex-GI named Bill Jones (Robert Rockwell) becomes involved with the Communist Party USA. While in training, Jones falls in love with one of his instructors. At first true followers of communism, they realize their mistake when they witness party leaders murder a member who questions the party’s principles. When they try to leave the party, the two are marked for murder and hunted by the party’s assassins.

The Whip Hand (1951)

A reporter on a fishing vacation stumbles into a town where all the local fish have mysteriously died and the population is either too afraid to talk or is downright hostile. After some digging, the reporter discovers that a secretive group of men has bought a local lodge and apparently turned it into some kind of mysterious scientific laboratory. The reporter and the sister of the local doctor set out to discover exactly what is going on up there.

Red Planet Mars (1952)

A scientist picks up radio signals from Mars, which describe the utopian life there, including long lifespans and plentiful energy. When the signals start to deliver pronouncements from the Martian Supreme Leader, humanity realizes that it is God speaking. There is mass panic. However, all of this is a plot by an embittered ex-Nazi scientist working for the Communists who is bouncing the radio signals of the ionosphere to fool radio receivers. This backfires on the Communist government and they are overthrown when they try to stop people worshipping. When the Nazi is apprehended, an American scientist discovers a difference between his script and what the signals have been saying and realizes that God is on Mars after all.

“Red Planet Mars began as a play by John Balderston, the co-writer of the original stage play that became the basis of the Bela Lugosi Dracula (1931) and screenplays for a number of the horror classics from the 1930s, including Frankenstein (1931), The Mummy (1932) and Mad Love (1935). It is not just the denouncement of the Soviet Union as evil but John Balderston’s tying up of religion in the mix as well. There was a strong sense of millenarism, of the end of the world being nigh due to the looming threats of the unleashed A-bomb and the growing Communist menace. This is reflected in the film here where the Soviet Union is directly seen as a hotbed of atheism and religious suppression and by contrast the US is endorsed as an idyllic model of family, home and church-going Christians. (Indeed, God had already spoken to humanity by radio only a couple of years before in The Next Voice You Hear [1950]).

Like the ending of The War of the Worlds (1953), Red Planet Mars sees that religion is what is needed to bring society back from the abyss of war, the threat of Communism and the Pandora’s Box of the A-bomb.

Many of the science-fiction classics of that era – Invaders from Mars (1953), It Came from Outer Space (1953) and especially Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) – have been referred to as allegories for the fear of Communist infiltration that was sweeping the country.”


Is This Tomorrow: America Under Communism: (pamphlet 1947)

Is This Tomorrow: America Under Communism was published in 1947 by the Catechetical Guild Educational Society in St. Paul, MN. This story seems prophetic about many things. Though the direct threat of Soviet Russia has disappeared, the errors of Russia remain and have infiltrated the United States, similar to what is portrayed in the comic.


Walk East on Beacon (1952)

From the original movie promo: “A G-man searches for a communist sleeper-cell in Boston.  An obscure real-life drama film noir that captures communist infiltration of the 1950s.”  Cast includes George Murphy, Finlay Currie, Virginia Gilmore, and the City of Boston 1952, before modernization began.

The 27th Day (1957)

Five Earthlings are abducted by aliens and are each given a capsule which can release a weapon so deadly that all of human-kind will be destroyed. This is a test of sorts: if all 5 can resist using the weapon for 27 days, mankind will continue on Earth but should any one of them release the weapon, all human life will be destroyed and the aliens will take the Earth as their new home. When their alien abductor makes the identities of the five known in a world-wide broadcast, they all become hunted either by the curious or their own governments. As the paranoia mounts, man threatens to destroy itself through war, without the use of the alien weapon.

Man on a String (1960)

Ernest Borgnine is a US secret agent sent to Berlin pretending to be a spy for the USSR.

Communism is responsible for over 100 million lives just in the past century.  It is by far the most gruesome and dangerous political ideology that has ever existed, yet people somehow only think right winged ideologies can be dangerous. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that the media and schools systems lean far to the left, and are incapable of pointing out the problems with their ideology.

Communism is disguised as altruism.  They act like they are the saviors of the planet.  Communists are the modern day pharisees of ancient times.

Today, in our backwards society, we denigrate what is good and holy, and worship nefarious agendas that sail under the guise of benevolence.

Hopefully some of these films might conjure up a hint of common sense and take us back to a more sane world, a world where we recognized communism for what it really is, total absolute control of everyone and everything.

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