The Seven Alchemical Metals & Planets of the Week

Seven Planets of the Week

Ancient Mesopotamian astrologers devised a seven day week inspired by the heavenly bodies that wandered about the sky.  There were seven in total.  The equally sized flashlight and nightlight in the sky, the sun and moon, along with the other five wandering orbs of light thus form the basis of this alchemical cosmology. The word planet comes from the Greek planētēs, meaning “wanderer”.  So by definition the Sun and Moon were considered planets to the Ancients. Of the days that are not named directly after the seven planets, their name is derived from the Norse Gods associated with the respective planet.  The origin of Sunday is of course from the Sun in the sky.  Of the seven known metals, the Sun has always represented gold, irrespective of time and place. Monday or more properly, ‘Moon-day’, is known as Lunes in Spanish, and dies Lunae in Italian. (lunar space craft, lunar…

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The Se7en Hermetic Principles of The Kybalion

hermetic principles

Ancient Hermetic gnostics passed down a crucial set of principles which describe how reality works.  This operation manual to the inner workings of the universe was espoused by the ‘thrice-great’ Hermes Trismegistus well before the time of Moses, and echoed in the writings of philosophers of today and times past. About a hundred years ago a book named The Kybalion  was published by a person or persons under the pseudonym “The Three Initiates”.  Nobody to this day knows who wrote this brilliant book which beautifully paraphrases the teachings of Hermes, and probably those before him.

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Government: Mind Control & The Illusion Of Authority

screw head government illusion

Government is the illusion of authority, but more importantly government is mind control.  Naturally, since if you want people to believe in this fictitious thing called ‘authority’ you first have to mold the minds of the collective to accept this false ideology.  This is what government is.  It’s the illusion of some “official” group of people out there who get to tell everybody else what to do and how to do it.  The truth is there is no such thing as authority, and government is an illusion that we’ve imposed upon ourselves from the irrational thinking of a controlled mind.  It’s generally agreed that the power of government ultimately comes from the people.  Governments seem to have rights that individuals do not.  And it’s agreed that it is these individuals that make up government.  It doesn’t take much critical thinking to realize that individuals are granting power that they don’t possess to…

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