Lost White Civilisations: Uncovering The Lies of History

Throughout the annals of history, there exist enigmatic tales of civilizations that once thrived and flourished, only to be swallowed by the sands of time, leaving behind fragmented clues and whispered legends. The story of humanity is replete with lost civilizations that have faded into obscurity, leaving behind a tantalizing puzzle for modern explorers, archaeologists, and historians to decipher.

These forgotten realms, shrouded in mystery and draped in the veils of antiquity, continue to captivate our collective imagination, sparking a relentless quest to unearth their secrets and understand the forces that led to their rise and ultimate demise.

As we embark on a journey through the ages, this article invites you to join us in a pursuit of uncovering the hidden chapters of our past – to illuminate the shadows that veil these lost white civilizations and to shed light on the intricate tapestry of human history that weaves together the known and the unknown.

1. India

Presented by Sven Longshanks


This is the first episode of a 5 part series looking at previous White civilisations that died out due to miscegenation.

We will be using Arthur Kemp’s ‘March of the Titans’ as our reference book for this and there will be comments added to it when and where necessary.

We will begin with India and look at the original Harrapan civilisation in what is now Pakistan, before moving on to the later Aryan invasion and the caste system that was instituted, to ensure separation between the now miscegenated Harrapans and the White Aryans.

The proof for this civilisation-bearing people being White is found in their DNA from burials, their religious writings and their art.

Particularly interesting is the high level of sanitation that they had, with well made sewerage systems running from each house to carry their waste away, something the non-White Indians in the area today have still failed to replicate, many thousands of years later.


2. China

Sven Longshanks hosts part 2 of a 5 part series looking at lost White civilisations, concentrating on China for this episode.

The Tarim basin in China has produced some of the oldest and most well preserved Caucusoid bodies in the world, the oldest is a 4,000 year old red head in clothing which would not be out of place on women today. Thanks to the extremely dry conditions, the bodies are very well preserved and they prove that the place was first settled by White men and then followed by Mongoloids 1500 years later.

Almost on the same line of latitude but much further east, lies the greatest concentration of dolmens in the world. Dolmens are unique to White people, we used to bury our dead in them and Korea and Japan are full of them. The strange thing is though, that they appear around 1500BC in Asia, whereas in Europe we are told they were built around 3000BC.

Finally, we have the descriptions of the first Chinese Patriarch, who was the 28th Buddha in a continuous line from the first, Guatema Buddha. He is described as a blue eyed, red bearded, non-Chinese barbarian.

White people were the originators of civilisation in China, of that there is no doubt.


3. Middle East

Sven Longshanks presents part 3 of a series looking at lost White civilisations, today covering the Middle East.

There have been many civilisations in the Middle East and all started out White, before eventually falling to miscegenation and producing the Arabs that we find there now.

The first was the Sumerian. We know they were White because they left depictions of themselves. They were the first to use writing and LA Wadell believes they sent colonists to India and Egypt, which explains the similarities between the writing of each.

After Sumeria we had the Babylonian civilisation and Hammurabi. Hammurabi was known as the White king and he explicitly wrote about ruling over the black headed people. His was the first law code.

The Phoenicians were also White and they remained mostly White right up until the Punic wars, with Hannibal being described as having come from a noble family. ‘To be of noble birth’ is one of the ways you can tell from historical sources that someone was White, as to be mixed race meant you were of ignoble birth.

The Persians were also clearly White and they even called themselves Aryans.

This area went through repeated stages of White invaders taking over a territory, before then succumbing to miscegenation with the previous population. Eventually the area was too far gone to ever produce an empire again and the Greeks and Romans took over.


4. Egypt

Part 4 of this mini-series looks at Egypt, perhaps one of the most well known of all the previous White civilisations, although there are still people who think ancient Egypt was Black due to it being a part of the African continent.

The Egyptians were pretty clear how they felt about Blacks and proto-Jews, they left many depictions on their sandals and on the feet of their furniture, symbolising them being crushed by the shoe wearer or throne-sitter.

There are also many records of the battles fought with the Nubians and the Canaanites, who they called sand dwellers. The battles with the sand dwellers took place before the Israelites occupied the land of Canaan, which is more proof of the Canaanites being the mixed race type that gave us today’s Jews.

We also have plenty of evidence in the bodies of the Egyptians themselves, who went to great lengths to preserve their dead. Most of these bodies are of Nordic type with blonde or red hair, but by the time we get to the first millennium BC we start to see mixed race types mixed in with the White.


5. America

The final lost White civilisation we will be looking at is America. There is overwhelming evidence to show that Whites were on the continent before the Mongoloids and they ended up blending themselves out with them to produce the Red Indians.

Like the evidence looked at for the others, we have proofs from DNA testing on ancient corpses, Megaliths that are still standing, advanced technology only known by Whites and traces of White DNA left in the aborigines we find living in the area today.

There are legends in South America that describe White people being there and even descriptions of some of the battles they had. In Ohio there are traces of iron smelting, something the Red Indians were never able to do and also square buildings made of brick. If these buildings were originally made by the Indians, then why were they living in cow hide tents when we found them in the 16th century?



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