12 Tips To Trick People Into Thinking Your Smart

I’m not that smart, but I’ve come across a few ways to trick people into thinking that I am. This is especially useful on social media when you want to impress your friends.  The following is a list of tips on how to appear intellectually superior even though your not the brightest tool in the shed, or sharpest tool in the drawer.. 1. Use big words when small ones will do just fine.  Put another way; Employ a grandiloquent vernacular when banal rhetoric will suffice. A superlative verbiage is likely to impress those friends from high school whom scored higher…

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A Guide to Political Discourse at the Dinner Table

by Aedon Cassiel As a philosophy buff, I can admit that a great deal of “philosophy” is irrelevant in most practical terms for most people’s actual lives—even for the way that they think and argue and reason. For example, one of the first things we’re given in Philosophy 101 is a list of fallacies of logical reasoning. It includes something called the “ad hominem fallacy.” Ad hominem translates to “against the person,” and it refers to “a general category of fallacies in which a claim or argument is rejected on the basis of some irrelevant fact about the author of…

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Fiat Current Sea: Maritime Money

Our currency is like current in the sea. But a better analogy would be a river, since the flow of water is directed by the banks on either side. The river-banks control the current; the money-banks control the currency. This is why our ‘cash flow’ is a ‘liquid asset‘.   Water is a metaphor for money.  We use marine and aquatic vernacular to generically describe financial terms every day without even realizing it. (above) The Black River Bank of Watertown, New York was established in 1844 and ran until 1864 when it became the First National Bank of Watertown -obsoletecurrency When we…

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Peak Petroleum, Abiotic Fossil Fuel: A Bone To Pick With The Oilagarchs

We’ve been trained to believe that petroleum is a fossil fuel. It’s supposed to have been generated over millions of years from the remains of dead organisms that were buried beneath sedimentary rock long ago.  There’re only so many of these ‘fossils’ left, therefore they say, we’ll eventually run out.  This is what ‘peak oil’ is all about, and it’s absolutely ludicrous. As the story goes, since there are only so many dinosaur bones, zooplankton, algae and other decayed biological matter from long ago; there is only so much oil.  This is good news for the ‘oilagarchs‘ since they can create…

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Welcome to the Golden PAge

A friend of mine has put together quite the collection of art. He has a tremendous talent not only for geometry and math, but for aesthetics and composition.

Rich owns the Facebook page called Welcome to the Golden PAge. I encourage you to check it out. There are some real gems in there. He also makes short films, which I feel are way under-viewed for how cool they are.

I’ve compiled some of my favorite pieces here. You might have seen some of his art floating around the internet and weren’t sure who made it.  Now you know. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

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