Liberals Control The Media, Pushing Their Leftist Agenda, It’s Not Right

big six media

The United States, and dare I say the entire world, is owned and controlled by liberals.  But what does this mean?  Etymologically, ‘liberal’ means free, so how could this be a bad thing?  What’s wrong with promoting freedom? But are they really promoting freedom?  Well, no, they are promoting a far left political ideology, where the rights of the collective Trumps™ the rights of the individual, and an ever expanding government is always welcome.  Liberalism and left-wing politics are built upon ideology instead of reality. The left uses empathy and altruistic appeal to carry out their totalitarian agenda under the auspices of progressivism, equality, and egalitarianism.  It always sounds good on the surface, until you see past their logical fallacies and liberal propaganda. The media as a whole is owned by majority leftists, pushing a liberal leftist socialist agenda.  Fox is there to remind you that if…

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