Everyday Is Opposite Day: The Systematic Inversion of our Topsy-Turvy World

opposite day truth joedubs

Our world is stood on its head. What’s good is bad, and what’s bad is good. What is magnanimous is ignoble. Our ostensibly altruistic intent leads to unambiguously abominable outcomes. We think we are being a good person while we regularly carry out the deeds of Satan, usually ostentatiously. Our society is drifting away from righteousness and entering the dark realms of Pharisaism. What is black is white; what is darkness is light. Everyday is opposite day. The truth is systematically inverted. Feminists are not feminine. Men are not manly. Homosexuality is ‘cool’, cis-genders are ‘gay‘, but gays are not happy. Cholesterol repairs -not clogs- our arteries.  Fat makes you skinny, and low fat foods make you fat.  Veganism destroys the planet and kills more animals than a carnivorous diet. Exactly the opposite of what we’re told. Plant oils cause heart disease, not saturated…

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The Truth Is a 180° Degree Perversion of what we’re led To BeLIEve

Everything’s opposite.  Your nose runs while your feet smell.  We park in the drive-way and drive on the park-way.  We recite at a play, and play at the recital.  We ship shipments by car and send cargo by ship. What is up is down. Doctors heal kill and democracy enslaves.  Sunscreen causes cancer, not the Sun. Masks make you sick, not the virus. Diet coke makes you fatter than their original flavor.  Nobody works on labor day, and gay people are not happy. Opposite Day – Andrew Bird – The Mysterious Production of Eggs (4:31) We’ve been tricked.  Vaccines cause dis-ease, they don’t protect you.  Mammograms are carcinogenic.  Fate, it seems, is not without its sense of irony.  Chemotherapy and radiation kill, not the cancer.  Hand sanitizers makes us sick, not the germs.  Liberals oppose freedom, and progressives hold us back. Everything we think we know to be…

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