Tacitus Quotes

Tacitus is considered to be one of the greatest Roman historians and is known for the brevity and compactness of his Latin prose, as well as for his penetrating insights into the psychology of power politics. Living from 56–120 A.D. he was a senator and historian of the Roman Empire.

Details about his personal life are scarce. What little is known comes from scattered hints throughout his work, the letters of his friend and admirer Pliny the Younger, and an inscription found at Mylasa in Caria.

One of his more politically incorrect writings, Germania, discusses the history of my ancestors, so I include it here. [listen or download]

He also wrote The Histories and The Annuls.

I gathered some of his quotes that I really liked. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Tacitus (wikipedia)

Tacitus (britannica)

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