Is Earth Convex, Flat, or Concave?

cosmic egg

Do we live on the outside of a ball?  Do we live on a circular disc?  Or do we live on the inside of a sphere that houses our entire universe?   While this may sound absolutely ridiculous, there are some interesting things to learn just by asking these crazy questions. It’s OK to ask such a ridiculous question.  The authorities are often wrong, and usually programmed to believe half truths. Our society is backwards.  The things we have been led to believe in mainstream science, media, and our school books are usually a 180 degree perversion of the actual truth.  It’s not hard to see this for some subjects like traditional medicine, where we treat poisoned patients with more poison.  Or our political system, where we vote for a conservative or liberal puppet of a corrupt oligarchical corporatocracy we call ‘government‘.  But to say that our whole world is opposite of what…

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The Anthropic Principle Fallacy

earth moon

Life exists because the conditions of our planet are perfect. The Moon is just the right distance from Earth. The gravitational constant and electric charge on the atom are just right.  Everything is somehow just perfect.. The Anthropic Principle is the idea that it is pointless to question why, because life can only exist with these perfect conditions. This is a dismissive and circular logical fallacy. It’s a flaw in reasoning.  Life is much more than a bunch of coincidences. We are more than the mere product of time and chance. We dismiss the beauty and intelligence of mother nature as a serendipitous ‘big bang’ that arose from nothing for no particular reason.  Consent in manufactured through the acquiescence of the minds that are weak. A nihilistic ontology by way of ‘big bangs’, the media, and propagandized sheep. “The facts of science are real enough, and so…

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