Ancient Megalithic Structures of Druidry & Hebrew Israelites

megaliths of Europe

by Sven Longshanks: Who were the Megalith builders in Britain, and what purpose did their stone structures serve? Although the common belief is that they were Pagans, there is a wealth of evidence to show that they were the Hebrews and the Sethites of the Bible, and that Druidry was descended from Patriarchal practices. Above: Clach an Trushel Menhir, Scotland. There are five main types of these stone structures that are found all over Britain:   Menhirs – Single upright stones       Cairns – Piles of rocks, usually in a cone shape         Dolmens – A stone slab on three or more uprights         Cromlechs – A circle of stones sometimes enclosing dolmens or barrows (tombs)       Tumuli – Mounds of earth and stones covering a burial chamber         These types of…

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