Geoengineering, SRM & Trails of Deception

:by Gregory Prinsze: Hey boys and girls, here’s an incredibly deceptive article (via CBS), so typical of mainstream media. How so? Let us count the ways… 1) It focuses on a variation of Solar Radiation Management via Stratospheric Aerosol Injection which would be carried out at higher altitudes requiring specially designed aircraft. Why is that deceptive? Because it ignores the fact that numerous academic proposals and patents exist for SRM via SAI at flight levels corresponding to existing commercial aircraft. 2) It pretends that such programs are not already fully operational. The preponderance of evidence suggests that they are operational, which is obvious to anyone with eyes to see and an IQ above room temperature… though such a fact would be denied if the programs are classified. There’s very good reason why such programs would be classified, more on that momentarily.

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