Moon Dogs & Sun Dogs

moon dog sun dog joedubs

Back in 2001 while in college at East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, I once witnessed a moon dog.  At the time I had no idea what it was; it just appeared to be a big ol’ halo around the moon.  It wasn’t until very recently when I learned about such a thing. I’ve heard of sun dogs before but the reality of moon dogs evaded me. Then just recently about two or three months ago I looked up at the sky at night and boom, another one, only this time I knew what I was dealing with. What is a Moon Dog? A Moon Dog, also known as a Paraselene, is an atmospheric phenomenon that’s supposedly caused by the refraction, reflection, and dispersion of sunlight through ice crystals in the Earth’s atmosphere. They typically appear as a pair of faint patches of light, at around 22° to…

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Cosmic Harmony of Music and Solarendocrinology

Harmonic Principles in Endocrinology Fabio Borziani solar endocrine planets glands

“The article discusses the concept of harmony in nature and how it has been studied throughout history. It focuses on Johannes Kepler‘s work on the “Harmony of the World,” which sought to find musical correlations between planets in our solar system. The article then explores how this idea can be applied to endocrinology, specifically by examining numerical ratios between molecular masses of hormones secreted by different glands and hormone receptors. The author suggests that this research methodology could be applied to other fields of scientific knowledge.” (summarized with Perplexity A.I.) via: Fabio Borziani “Since ancient times models have studied to describe the “Harmony of the World”. In the most diverse historical periods, research into the regularity between parameters of natural phenomena has undoubtedly been a key feature of doing science.

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911 AnomaLies

September 11, 2001 forever changed the course of history. With such an important event, comes occulted symbolism in the form of number, chronology, and geometry, apparent anomalies that are embedded into the events of that day. Our Kabbalistic overlords believe number and geometry have power, so they encode this hidden understanding into the core of monumental historical events. 9/11 is no exception.  Let’s explore some synchronistic phenomena that happened on that dreaded day.. Exactly 60 years after ground was broke in the construction of the Pentagon, it was attacked.

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