Prime Time

prime numbers cosmogony ontology

There is structure to the prime numbers. Divine order from apparent chaos. Primes, or numbers that are divisible by only themselves and one, don’t grow like weeds among the other numbers like mathematicians claim.  A very simple pattern emerges when the numbers are laid out in rows of six and twelve. Dice reveal an esoteric pattern hidden in the prime numbers. Take a die and arrange all natural numbers upon it. Since there are only six sides, seven will naturally get organized on the ‘one’ side. Eight will get stacked upon two, and so forth.  The cube models the most three-dimensional space, more than any other of the platonic solids.   The primes are in green. All prime numbers greater than three line up on the green y axis. The red numbers are not prime, but are products of primes. 25 is the product of…

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