Phindings in the (Phi)Bonacci Sequence: Powers of the Golden Number

Phibonacci, or actually, Fibonacci, was a man once known as Leonardo of Pisa in Italy around the 13th century A.D. Today we know this name, and the associated Greek letter ø or “Phi”, in relation to the spiraling sequence of numbers that form a ‘golden spiral’. I recently learned there are silver and bronze spirals as well, but this article will only be focusing on the Golden Ratio, Phi, and the Fibonacci sequence. Phi has a few interesting properties, one of them being what happens when you ‘square’ it, which simply means multiplying it by itself; which when happens, equals one plus itself, or 2.618… But what about the cube of Phi, (Phi x Phi x Phi)? Or how about Phi to the fourth power, and so forth… As it turns out, the Fibonacci sequence is hidden in these mathematical expressions, it’s just not…

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Fibonacci Fun


Here are some illustrations by myself and others, dealing with the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Number, Phi. A few months ago, I noticed the exponents of Phi encode the Fibonacci sequence.  Share98Pin7TweetShare1106 Shares

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