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Quicksilver & Gaia

Mercury Earth Music of the SPheres

The orbits of Mercury and Earth and be described in this way. Draw a square around the orbit of Mercury. Surround this square with a circle. Do the same and draw another square around this circle. On the four corners of this larger square, draw four circles with radii that reach the last circle you […]

Saturn and Neptune

Saturn and Neptune

The orbits of Saturn and Neptune can be displayed in this simple diagram. Inscribe an equilateral triangle inside the orbit of Neptune. Now fit three equally sized circles within that triangle. Add another one of these circles to the middle of the diagram and you just defined Saturn’s orbit to within 99.9% accuracy. Is this […]

Jove and Ares – Jupiter and Mars

Jove and Ares

Jupiter and Mars’ orbit can be shown in this simple diagram. If you draw a square inside of Jupiter’s orbit and then draw 4 circles on each corner of the square so they all touch, then you will have the orbit of Mars within 99.98% accuracy. This tidbit of gnosis was obtained from the book […]

Pi in the Solar System

Jupiter Saturn Uranus Pi

There are an awfully lot of ‘coincidences’ in our solar system to say that it is all just a product of time and chance. Materialist and reductionist theories and their slew of primordial soup doesn’t quite suffice when one ponders the magnificence of all life. Pi is the relationship between a circle’s circumference to its diameter.  […]

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