Pi in the Solar System

There are an awfully lot of ‘coincidences’ in our solar system to say that it is all just a product of time and chance. Materialist and reductionist theories and their slew of primordial soup doesn’t quite suffice when one ponders the magnificence of all life.

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Pi is the relationship between a circle’s circumference to its diameter.  It comes out to 3.14159..   Why wouldn’t the creator or the architect of the universe make it a little easier on us and just made it 3, or 4?  Why does it have to be a transcendental number that goes on and on?  The fact that π has no pattern and the digits continue to infinity probably drove early philosophers and mathematicians madd.  This irrationality is echoed in the cells of our body and the planets in our solar system.  Concurring with the Hermetic axiom, As above so below.

There are too many coincidences for it to be all just coincidence

“The fall of man is the descent of the ladder from the dot to the circumference; the resurrection or redemption of man is his return from the circumference to the dot.” — Manly P. Hall

“The word COMPASSION is derived from the word COMPASS. A compass is the drafting tool that natural crates the monad – simply a single point in the center of a circle – a symbol long signifying divinity and wholeness. The compass encapsulates the most amount of space and is, unquestionably, the geometric form that denotes the entirety. True COMPASSION is to look in all directions, at the 360 degrees of the ALL, at every facet and aspect of the living, breathing universe, and do so with concern, care, warmth and love. Man MUST have compassion for his world. Compassion isn’t just a nice idea or a good philosophy, it is a mathematical law built into the fabric of our cosmos.” – Claudia Pavonis

Marty Leeds dives deep into the mystery of π.

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