3D Sacred Geometry Set

Introducing 3-D printed Platonic Solids along with the cuboctahedron (vector equilibrium), chestahedron, rhombic-dodecahedron Each measures about 1.75-2 inches tall, printed in high quality PLA for your pleasure and enjoyment! (from left to right): chestahedron, rhombic-dodecahedron, cuboctahedron, and then the five platonic solids: the dodecahedron, icosahedron, cube, octahedron, tetrahedron.  They have been coined the ‘Platonic solids’, for his namesake, Plato. Before his time they called them the Pythagorean solids because Pythagoras taught them in his mystery school. There is no original ‘inventor’ of these solids because they were not an invention. They were discovered, and it is debatable who first took notice. Stone balls carved as these solids have been found in England and Scotland, dating back 5000 years.  These perfect solids are an intrinsic quality of our geometric reality. There is esoteric knowledge hidden in the way nature structures itself. This sacgeo set is…

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The Archimedean Solids & Their Dual Catalan Solids

The Archimedean solids and their duals the Catalan solids are less well known than the Platonic solids.  Whereas the Platonic solids are composed of one shape, these forms that Archimedes wrote about are made of at least two different shapes, all forming identical vertices.  They are 13 polyhedra of this type.  And since each solid has a ‘dual’ there are also 13 Catalan solids.  There are 26 in total.  If  our two-dimensional letters of the alpha-bet were three dimensional forms, these solids would be a great representation of our language.

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The Divine Proportion: Golden (Phi)nomena of Nature

golden number phi calipers

There is one proportion that is divine.  A ratio of two numbers, the simplest of which being one.  Paired with unity, there is only one number that is capable of fractal expansion and contraction.  By using the four operations of mathematics: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, this golden number (1.6180339..) is the key to understanding fractality, holograms, life, and the nature of reality.  This is the number (or ratio) the universe uses to become more aware of itself. The divine proportion is the only mathematical ratio that the Universe needs to intelligently design all life.  Phi, aka the Golden Ratio,  is a truly divine number.  It’s quite a phinomenon.  Along with unity this number creates the perfect proportion.  Let’s demystiphi some of the more esoteric geometric concepts attributed to this golden proportion.   Phi is found everywhere and yet nobody talks about it.  It’s missing from the calculator.  Its…

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