Quicksilver and Gaia

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Delivering a swift blow to the accidental and nihilistic paradigm of existence, synchronistic correlations in the cosmos break the already crumbling model of mainstream cosmogony.  The physical sizes of Earth and Mercury (Gaia and Quicksilver) are in proportion to their mean orbits.

Just another ‘coincidence’ to add to the akashic records of synchronicity… or reflective of an intelligent, creative, and loving cosmogonic principle, where we are not the result of some ‘big bang’ that sprang from nothing, for no particular reason, at no point in time (since it ostensibly created time)

“ Where plants have five-fold patterns, a consideration of their Souls is in place. For patterns of five appear in the regular solids, and so involve the ratio called the Golden Section, which results from a self-developing series that is an image of the faculty of propagation in plants. Thus the flower carries the authentic flag of this faculty, the pentagon.”
– Johannes Kepler

“ The existence of pentagons doth neatly declare how Nature Geometrizeth and observeth order in all things.”
– Sir Thomas Browne

More “Coincidences” in our Solar System

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